• Standards of Appearance

    The purpose of the Valley High School Dress Code Policy is to help generate a positive learning environment for all students and to prepare students for post-secondary success by providing guiding principles and standards that define acceptable dress and grooming. All students are expected to be suitably groomed and to wear clothing that is neat, clean, and appropriate at school and school events.

    The school clothing of all students must adhere to the following criteria:

    • Clothing must be modest, clean, and appropriate for school.
    • Clothing and accessories associated with gangs or gang activity are not permitted.
    • Garments and accessories may not reference alcohol, drugs, or other controlled substances; display offensive, suggestive, or gang related language or symbols; or promote violence or other illegal activity.
    • Hoods may be worn outdoors only.

    An administrator will make the final determination of a possible dress code infraction. When there is a violation of the Valley dress code, the assistant principal will document the violation and assign appropriate consequences per the progressive discipline policy. Contact with home, referrals to counseling and/or other disciplinary action will occur as necessary to positively impact student behavior. Gang related clothing and accessories may be confiscated. Students may be required to change their attire prior to returning to the learning environment. All policies are subject to change at administrations discretion.