• The Seven Habits
    We are a 7 Habits School and at Edison Elementary we mold the leaders of tomorrow!
    What are the Seven Habits?

    Habit 1    Be Proactive

              First I think then I make a choice.  Everything I do is a choice.


    Habit 2    Begin with the End in Mind

              I think about what I want, then I do what will make it happen.


    Habit 3    Put First Things First

                I only THINK and DO what is most important.


    Habit 4    Think Win Win

            We think of a solution where no one gives up anything and everyone wins.


    Habit 5    Seek First to Understand then to be Understood

            First, I listen to others so that I may understand them.  Then I repeat their thoughts back.


    Habit 6    Synergize

             Because we have different strengths, we can work together to create a better idea than we could alone. 


    Habit 7    Sharpen the Saw

            I will take care of my body and brain, make deposits in emotional bank accounts and do what I know is right.



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