• Students can work on the following websites at home!
    ST Math
    ST Math

    Accelerated Reader

     Username: Student I.D.
     Password:  Student I.D.
    Lexia Core5

      Lexia Core5

     Username: Student I.D.
     Password: First Name Initial, Last Name Initial, 2 digits for birth month and 2 digits for day of birth
    Alberto Jimenez
    February 14
    User Name: 252522
    Password:  aj0214
      Typing Club

      Typing Club And Khan Academy


      Typing Club Login with Google
    Khan ask your teacher  
      Google Drive
     Google Drive Triangle

    Email: I.D.#@sausdlearns.net

    Password: mmddyyyy (all eight numbers in your birthday)
    Example: 122590@sausdlearns.net