Debra Weiss
    debra.weiss@sausdlearns.net- (for student and parent e-mails)
    Costa Rica
    Room 215 when in session
    714-569-6300 ext. 69585 (classroom)
    Reading- period 2
    U.S. History- periods 1&5
    Office hours hours are 1:00-2:52

    Classroom Behavior

    • Demonstrate respect for self, others and the classroom.
    • Only one person talks at a time. Raise hand to participate and do so when recognized.(use the chat box on the bottom right of your screen)
    • Come to class on time (even when we are on-line) and  be prepared to learn and with all materials at hand and computer charged.
    • Try your best and be willing to ask for help.
    • Food, beverages(except water), chewing gum are not permitted in the classroom.At home not a problem
    • Comply with all guidelines set forth in the Student handbook.

    Rewards for Positive Behavior

    1. Recognition/PBIS ticket

    2. Reflection on Citizenship Grade

    3. Note to Parent/Guardian

    4. Other rewards.


    Consequences for Negative Behavior

    1. Student will receive a verbal warning

    2. Classroom detention, parent notification  (when in session)

    3. Referral, parent notification/Parent-teacher conference.

    4. Other appropriate consequences.


    Parents:Attendance is required of all students and will be taken per district rules. We have virtual classes where students need to attend lectures, participate in discussions and complete assignmnets.
    Please see google classroom for updates ...Students in US History
     Please make sure you have accepted the invite to join your classes
    The text we will be using is on-line and almost all the worksheets and quiz material are there as well. The text for US History is titled IMPACT by Mc Graw Hill. I will walk you thru the Program on the first day of class. The curriculum is covered on the district website under Social Science. It is a new text that is being used for the first time.
    Students in Reading : . E-mails were sent to you at your SAUSDlearns.net account to join Read Theory. If you did not get the e-mail please notify me.  I will be meeting with you on google meets to talk about the class and requirements. 
     SHS Remote Learning Schedule
    Session 1- 8:00 a.m.- 9:00 a.m.
    Session 2- 9:05a.m.-10:05a.m.
    Session 3-10:10 a.m.-11:10 a.m.
    Tutorial 1:15a.m.-12:15p.m.
    Teacher office hours are M,Tu,Th,Fri 1:00-2:52