• Debra Weiss

    Conference Period: period 2 & 3
    Room 215
    714-569-6300 ext. 69585
    Reading- period5
    U.S. History- periods 6,7

    Classroom Behavior

    • Demonstrate respect for self, others and the classroom.
    • Only one person talks at a time. Raise hand to participate and do so when recognized.
    • Come to class on time and prepared to learn and with all materials.
    • Try your best and be willing to ask for help.
    • Food, beverages(except water), chewing gum are not permitted in the classroom.
    • Comply with all guidelines set forth in the Student handbook.

    Rewards for Positive Behavior

    1. Recognition/PBIS ticket

    2. Reflection on Citizenship Grade

    3. Note to Parent/Guardian

    4. Other rewards.


    Consequences for Negative Behavior

    1. Student will receive a verbal warning/change of seat.

    2. Classroom detention, parent notification   

    3. Referral, parent notification/Parent-teacher conference.

    4. Other appropriate consequences.


    Parents: Please see google classroom for updates 5/23/20...Students in US History - your final assignment is posted code- per6 y6pers7----- per7medjz5x. I will be calling home from time to time to do a check in. New work will be updated shortly check google clasroom.
    Students in Reading : Please see Googleclassroom for updates 5/23/20. code for google classroom: guoaboj- -  Your Exam from Achieve3000 is in. I see some have started it while others have not. Please complete by Wednesday the 27th. It is important that we see your growth which all of you have done.
    Caseload --SENIORS- your exit papers were sent to you. I will be available if you have questions. Be sure to enrolled in SAC or your school of choice deadline for SAC early enrollment is June 2nd- Best of Luck-Ms. Weiss