• Debra Weiss

    Conference Period: period 2 & 3
    Room 215
    714-569-6300 ext. 69585
    U.S. History

    Classroom Behavior

    • Demonstrate respect for self, others and the classroom.
    • Only one person talks at a time. Raise hand to participate and do so when recognized.
    • Come to class on time and prepared to learn and with all materials.
    • Try your best and be willing to ask for help.
    • Food, beverages(except water), chewing gum are not permitted in the classroom.
    • Comply with all guidelines set forth in the Student handbook.

    Rewards for Positive Behavior

    1. Recognition/PBIS ticket

    2. Reflection on Citizenship Grade

    3. Note to Parent/Guardian

    4. Other rewards.


    Consequences for Negative Behavior

    1. Student will receive a verbal warning/change of seat.

    2. Classroom detention, parent notification   

    3. Referral, parent notification/Parent-teacher conference.

    4. Other appropriate consequences.


    Bathroom Passes

    Students should plan to use the restroom before or after class. Bathroom passes will not be granted except in emergency. 

    Tardy Policy

    School policy on Tardy/Truancy will be followed.