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    Period 4     Fashion Design & Merchandising
    Period 5     Fashion Design & Merchandising
    Period 6     Fashion E-Commerce (SAC Dual Enrollment)

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    Career Pathways


    Fashion & Interior Design


    The Fashion Design Pathway contains two courses: Fashion Design and Merchandising; and Fashion eCommerce. To meet the growing needs of this industry, the career pathways prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to pursue related careers and succeed in entry-level positions or pursue additional post-secondary education and training for technical and professional-level positions. The pathways include introductory standards for Consumer and Family Studies that lead to the other pathway standards. The standards are designed to integrate academic concepts with career technical concepts. Key components of the pathways support classroom and laboratory instruction or supervised work-based learning experiences and leadership development.


    We are in partnership with Santa Ana College. Both courses have Articulation agreements in place that if the student completes the course with a B or better, they will receive credit at the college. The courses have also been UC a-g approved as elective credits. Fashion E-commerce allows a student to enroll in College but take the course on campus at SAHS, with a college-approved instructor.  


    New Industry partnerships are being formed with both Youth Entrepreneurs and ACME.  Both companies assign mentors from industry to help the students build job skills and gain industry knowledge first hand.  Last year was our first year with YE and 4 of our 5 student-run businesses showed a profit that they were able to take home.  Having the students create, price, and market a product was enlightening and hard work, but the knowledge that was gained was priceless.


    We have more work to do and a program to expand.  If you are interested in being a student, community partner, or Advisory member, please contact me.


    Download brochure: Fashion Design 
    Santa Ana College: Fashion Department