• Student Support

    The Santa Ana Unified School District’s Student Support Services provides programs and services to meet the special needs of students. Parents are important members of the educational team that help to determine the appropriate programs and services for their child. 

    Doreen Lohnes
    Assistant Superintendent
    Cecilia Luna
    Executive Secretary
    Phone: (714) 558-5832
    FAX: (714) 245-5010
    email: cecilia.luna@sausd.us

    Special Education

    Darek Jaronczyk
    Anita Vaglienty
    Senior Administrative Clerk
    Phone: (714) 558- 5546
    FAX: (714) 558-5808
    email: anita.vaglienty@sausd.us

    Pupil Support Services

    Heidi Cisneros
    Executive Director
    Sonia Rodarte
    School Climate 


    Claudia Valdovinos
    Senior Administrative Secretary
    Phone #: (714) 433-3484
    Fax #:    (714) 433-3450
    Email Address: claudia.valdovinos@sausd.us

    Health Services

    Diane Rey
    Program Specialist
    Health Services 


    Pilar Noda
    Bilingual Secretary
    Phone: (714) 433-3429
    Fax: (714) 433-3425
    Email: pilar.noda@sausd.us
Last Modified on February 11, 2014