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    TEACHER NAME Bruce Silverman

    Period 1 Human Anatomy
    /Room 402 

    Period 2 Human Anatomy/Room 402

    Period 3 Human Anatomy/Room 402

    Period 4 Human Anatomy/Room 402

    Period 5 PREP

    Period 6 Boy's soccer/Athletics field

    Class links:
    Week of 11-4 2013.  We will be studying the bones of the Skull and Face.
    Tutorial for the bones of the face and skull.
    You will be learning these bones through the use of this interactive tutorial.  Go through each view of the skull.  The first few time just click on the highlighted bone and you will be shown the name.  Once you feel you know  the name of the bone, just highlight, say the name and then click to see if you are correct.
    If you have trouble getting to this link just copy and paste into your browser.