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    Students will also master fundamental economic concepts, applying the tools (graphs, statistics, equations) from other subject areas to the understanding of operations and institutions of economic systems. Studied in a historic context are the basic economic principles of micro- and macroeconomics, international 


    Period 1 Economics;  Room 5216

    Period 2 Economics;  Room 5216
    Period 3 Preparation Period

    Period 4 Economics;  Room 5216

    Period 5 Economics;  Room 5216

    Period 6 Government;  Room 5216
    12.1 Students understand common economic terms and concepts and economic reasoning.
    12.2 Students analyze the elements of America's market economy in a global setting.
    12.3 Students analyze the influence of the federal government on the American economy.
    12.4 Students analyze the elements of the U.S. labor market in a global setting.
    12.5 Students analyze the aggregate economic behavior of the U.S. economy.
    12.6 Students analyze issues of international trade and explain how the U.S. economy affects, and is affected by, economic forces beyond the United States' borders.