• Hoover Elementary School is a community of learners. Together we create an effective learning environment through positive, proactive interactions.
    Hoover Hornets
                                  Are Respectful!
                                  Are Responsible!
                                  Are Cooperative!

    SAUSD will continue with the extended instructional minutes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday, we will then shorten the school day to allow for teacher collaboration. Our teachers and staff will be meeting weekly to review student achievement and create intervention activities for students who need help. 


    Help your children understand that their behavior impacts the learning for the entire class. 

    Board Policy 5145

    “Students have the right to an educational environment that is safe, secure, and peaceful and which ensures the opportunity to learn.”

    Student Discipline is now recorded on each student’s computer record. Before we record a problem, we will call a parent informing them of the student’s issue and of this computer documentation possibility. Please help your children to understand that their behavior impacts the learning for the entire class, as well as their own learning. 

    Some students do make mistakes in behavior, but we expect that students WILL NOT REPEAT these mistakes. We expect students to behave and to follow the class and school rules. 


    Students are given homework every Monday through Thursday. Students should be given between 30 and 60 minutes of homework that includes reading, high-frequency word practice, mathematics, and writing. All Kinder through fifth grade students have been given two sets of High-Frequency word cards; one set for school and one set for home. Every night you may ask your child to write a journal documenting their day or explaining to you what they learned at school. Every night students can practice their basic math facts:  addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Please review your child’s homework every night to ensure that the work is complete, and is neat and easy to read.

    Hoover Elementary School is dedicated to improving every student's academic and behavior outcome while ensuring that all students have access to instructional, behavioral and evidence-based intervention practices. Hoover has begun using the school wide Positive Behavorial and Interventions Supports (PBIS) program, which is an approach that begins with a school wide prevention effort and adds intensive individualized support for those students with more extreme needs.