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    TEACHER: Mrs. Ribbe

    714-568-7000, ext. 67107
       Department: CTE - ESports/Game Design

    Class Schedule:
    Period 2: E-Sports 1
    Period 3: E-Sports 1
    Period 4: E-Sports 1 

    Course Description:

    In this course, students will learn about the technologies and design principles that have been the foundation development of video game technology over the last 50 years. Students will examine and discuss the impact of video games on culture and the economy. Students will learn about the current gaming and e-sports landscape, including strategies and techniques of top teams and individuals. This course will also discuss the risks and dangers of video games and understand how to set appropriate time and content parameters. Students learn the basics of coding through creating 3D video games of their design and as part of this "Workplace" simulation, the learner will apply the design process as they build games for simulated customer and different target audiences and create presentations on their completed projects to practice how to pitch and sell their ideas. Through the multiple projects, the students research topics and target audiences, write game storylines, storyboard concepts, test games, create game graphics and compose technical documents. Students learn coding through a series of tutorials with interactive videos to learn coding basics, 3D modeling, game mechanics and game related graphics.