• Felix Carillo
    Santa Ana High School
    Room 3127
    Period 1    Prep Period
    Period 2    Auto MLR I
    Period 3    Auto MLR I
    Period 4    Auto MLR I
    Period 5    Auto MLR I&II
    Period 6    Auto MLR I&II


    Career Pathways 

    Aviation and Aerospace Transportation Services 
    Collision Repair and Refinishing 
    Vehicle Maintenance, Service, and Repair
    The Transportation sector is designed to provide a foundation in transportation services for all industrial technology education students in California. The pathways emphasize real-world, occupationally relevant experiences of significant scope and depth in Aviation and Aerospace Transportation Services, Collision Repair and Refinishing, and Vehicle Maintenance, Service, and Repair.
    The standards are designed to integrate academic and technical preparation and focus on career awareness, career exploration, and skill preparation in the three pathways. Integral components include classroom, laboratory, hands-on contextual learning, and project- and work-based instruction as well as internship, community classroom, cooperative career technical education, and leadership development. The Transportation sector standards prepare students for continued training, post-secondary education, and entry to a career.


    Download brochure: Transportation 

Last Modified on November 1, 2021