ACE is a program  supported by Century high school and by mentors in the industry. Companies such as McCarthy mentor Century students and introduce them to the world of engineering.
    Students meet Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30 pm in room 333 with Mr. Tom Nusbickel and under the guidance of the mentors, design and build construction/engineering based projects.
    They learn to use the architectural  design software "Sketch Up" and design viable spaces. They also get an opportunity to compete against other ACE schools in designing and building a load bearing structure out of everyday materials. Century has had a track record of winning at these very significant competitions. 
    Students also participate in the national competition to design a complete building. Students work on this project for many months and produce professional grade drawings and robust designs. They also create presentation boards and are subjected to design reviews. 
    In addition, throughout the year, students get to visit large scale construction projects and the museum of science and architecture in Los Angeles, SCIARCH. 
    ACE is about learning
    ACE is about discovering your passion for engineering
    ACE  is about working in a team
    ACE  is about leadership  and
    ACE is about having fun while doing all that!
    Mr. Nuesbickel Room 333