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    Mr. Phillips




    Charlie phillips and his wife Barb

    I Charlie Phillips have been teaching in the Santa Ana School District for 35 years with 29 years teaching at the Alternative Education sites, Mountain View which is now Lorin Griset and Cesar Chavez campuses. My first 6 years were at Valley High.  I am now teaching Economics, Government and U.S. History.


    I am a graduate of La Quinta High School in Westminster, Ca. in 1973 and then a graduate of USC IN 1982.  I majored in History. I gained my credential from Cal State Fullerton and also have a SADIE Certificate and a minor in Social Science.
    I am married now for 15 years to Barbara and have four kids.  Christi 34, Alex 31, Kimi 29 and Katie 28.  I have one grandchild Zara who is just over a year old, with 3 more on the way.

    I have been a professional baseball player for 5 years in the Dodger and Angel organizations, along with being a coach at the high school, JC and 4 year college level.  I also was a pro pitching coach and broadcaster of independent baseball.  I have done private instruction of baseball for 30 years and doing this at Lifeletics in Huntington Beach, and also now a coach of a 17-18 year old travel team the O.C. Sun Devils.

    I have prepared to be a History , Social Science teacher since high school.  I taught junior high history as a senior in high school as an elective class.  Majored in history at USC.  I love telling stories about the past and what it was like to live during some of the greatest events to ever happen in the History of the world. The Decade of the 60's,  The Kennedy assassination, MLK and civil rights, Man on the Moon, Watergate scandal, Women's Rights.  Wow the world has changed .  Hope you enjoy learning and discovering from the past.


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