• Stones

    Follow these stepping-stones and they will help you go up

    the Ladder of Success



    1. Have respect for yourself and others

    2. Treat everyone with courtesy, dignity, and respect

    3. Be honest with yourself and others

    4. Take personal responsibility for your actionsladder

    5. Make plans for your future and start working on them

    6. Do your best at whatever you do

    7. Continue to work on self improvement

    8. Use your knowledge to improve the world around you


    I teach Physical Education and Computer Education at Chavez High School.  My courses vary in topics from Nutrition, Health and Fitness to Introduction to Computer basics in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Apps, Internet Research, and Online Courses in Foreign Language, College and Career, and Music Appreciation.  I coach Flag Football, lead lunch Intramurals, and work on making students WHOLE with the help of the César E. Chávez High School team of faculty and staff.


    I grew up in Mexico in a small farming community.  I used to seed beans and corn on my grandfather’s land behind a team of oxen or mules.  I went to school in Mexico up to the 3rd grade.  I would always hurry to do my homework before it got dark, because back then my town did not have running water, gas, electricity, internet, or Wifi.  I immigrated to Orange County from Mexico with my family when I was nine years old.  In Orange County, I worked as a gardener, orange picker, dish washer, bus boy, short order cook, and later as a teacher.


    I have been a teacher for 27 years, including 10 years in elementary and 17 years in high school.  I started working at Chavez High School in 2009.  My teaching credentials are in Single Subject Physical Education, Single Subject Computer Education, Single Subject Spanish, and a Multi-Subject Bilingual Cross-Cultural Elementary Credential.  I have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree.  My reasons for choosing to be a teacher are because I enjoy learning, teaching, and being a lifelong learner.


     Mr. Malagon  

    Mr. Malagon 
    Physical Education Teacher
    Computer Technology Teacher
    2128 S. Cypress Ave.
    Santa Ana, CA 92707
    Phone: 714-430-5700 
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