• Sí, Se Puede!
    "There's no turning back. . . we are winning because ours is a revolution of mind and heart."
    César E. Chávez

    The staff members at César E. Chávez High School believe that all students have the potential to learn the core of knowledge and skills that ultimately leads to a productive and successful lifestyle.  They know that their work is a daily commitment of mind and heart to establish a school culture where all students have a safe, orderly environment, and have equitable access to a rigorous and student-centered curriculum. The support staff knows that every interaction with students is an opportunity to show students that "anything is possible", and that there are ALWAYS options available to experience success.  Respect and excellence are daily experiences that provide the context for effective programs that nurture the talents and abilities of all students.  This includes programs for students with special needs, experiences that promote multicultural, civic, and environmental awareness, and programs of interaction and support that recognizes the importance of family. 


    Please call Chávez High School at (714) 430-5700 to contact our helpful and knowledgeable support staff:
    Osbaldo Avina / Lead Plant Custodian
    Monica Bustamante / Attendance Tech
    Patricia Collazo / Instructional Assistant-Special Education
    Febe Lovo / Activity Supervisor
    Jonathan Mendoza / Evening Plant Custodian
    Phil Galvan/ Food Services Site Coordinator
    George Reta / School Counselor
    Delia Retana / Activity Supervisor
    Joe Salazar / District Safety Officer
    Ed Cruz / School Psychologist
    Summer Zermeno / School Nurse
    Marlin Luvianos / Office Manager
    Sophia Villaseñor / Registrar
    Alexandria Carrasco / PM Site Clerk
    Michelle Delacio / OCDE Therapist
    Celia Martinez / PM District Safety Officer
    Jessie Penunuri / Community Liason 


Last Modified on September 23, 2016