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     "Making Students WHOLE."
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    The school matrix provides a daily paradigm for every action and interaction between teachers, staff and students.  WHOLE is the acronym for Wellness, Happiness, Organization, Learning, and Excellence.  We work with students to insure that they are Well.  We will help students discover their purpose in life so that they will be Happy.  We teach them how to be Organized so that they can work on a plan of study.  We insure that they Learn what is necessary to achieve academic success.  And we teach them the joy of being Excellent.  Every student is an integral part of the success at César E. Chávez High School.  And at Chávez High School, we prove that the WHOLE is greater than the sum of its parts.  The greatness at César E. Chávez High School is making students WHOLE.  After all, this is a place where eagles soar.

    The mission of César E. Chávez High School is the holistic continuous process of "Making Students Whole".  Chávez High School asserts that an empowering education is possible only within a scholastic context that is safe and therapeutic.  Within that context, teacher and students work together to ensure that all efforts are aligned to our two prime directives: 
    1. To provide and participate in effective and engaging instruction, and
    2. To build and maintain positive teacher/student relationships.      
    To that end, César E. Chávez High School is committed to: 
    1. Providing all students a safe, clean and orderly environment with a calming and healing affect.
    2. Delivering daily, instruction that is effective and engaging because it is student-centered.
    3. Developing programs that will enhance every student's talents and abilities, including those that have special needs.
    4.  Supporting experiences that promote the, multicultural, civic, and environmental awareness of students.
    5. Facilitating and developing opportunities for parents to meaningfully engage in the family dynamics and actions necessary to assist and encourage the success of their students for achieving their college and/or career goals.

Last Modified on July 20, 2015