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    Dear Room 6 Students and Families,

    I know this is a trying time for everyone. I am doing well and am working on a YouTube channel (Skipper Kids). I am putting up 'chat' videos (where I just chat to my kids) and have started lesson videos as well. Initially, I thought Zoom would be the way to go, but realized, with four different preps, it would be unmanageable and difficult for everyone. Eventually, I will differentiate the lessons. 

    Please be sure to send me a text IF you are subscribing to my youtube channel (direct link is SkipperMath.com) because I will give you extra credit!

    I will be checking my texts and emails regularly (a number of you have already checked in!). Please be patient! If you text or email during 'school hours,' I will reply quickly. If you text or email after or before hours, it may take me a bit longer. I will reply so don't worry! I rarely check my sausdlearns email account so if you would refrain from using it, it would be greatly appreciated. 

    You can use the district's grade-level math packets, if you would like. Think of them as good brain practice pages for you. Everyone has textbooks; you can utilize them as well. None of this is mandatory. Use your best judgment, please. All work during the pandemic closure is considered 'enrichment.' In addition, the district curriculum specialists have worked with some teachers and came up with links, if you'd like to follow along in the CPM textbook. Here they are by grade/math subject (be sure you are logged in to your learns account)

    Remember, my contact info can be found on the inside cover of the agenda! In the meantime, you can visit my math websites for additional math help. Stay safe, keep social distancing, and don't stress. Read, go outside and get some fresh air, sleep, watch Netflix together (check out the Netflix Party app!), help around the house, and play some games. We will weather this together.

    As of March 27th, the 'due back' date is May 4th. I will continue to send out Blackboard/ParentLink messages with updates.

    I love and miss you all,

    Ms. Skipper