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    Here are some websites you might want to check out!

      • fb Yes, MacArthur DOES have a Facebook page! Updated info is always available! Check it out…and like us! MacArthur's Facebook Page
      • Another great site is the Internet Public Library. You can research to your heart's content and even ask the virtual librarian question!
      The user name is sausd and the password is library
      NOTE: This site does not appear to work on Firefox…
      The user name is sausd and the password is library
      • Need help finding a writing topic? Click NoodleTools and get some assistance in your search.
      • Are you referencing/citing a source? Need help trying to figure out how to do it? Then, go to Citation Machine.
      The user name is sausd and password is sausd
      • Need help on your CPM Algebra homework? Check out CPM's website! CPM Algebra Help How about other math-related questions?Check out the  Khan Academy.
      • The district purchased a subscription to an awesome site called BrainPop! that you are sure to love. It has all SORTS of cool things.
      The user name is sausd_79 and the password is sausd
      • Science Buddies is a site that can provide you with a wide variety of science-related, well, stuff! Check it out.
      • Need a math dictionary? Then, check out A  Maths Dictionary for Kids.