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    The content found on MacArthur's website is updated regularly.

    Photos are used with permission.

    Some of the graphics are contributed by students. Credit is given for the graphics as indicated.

    Other graphics are used with permission and have been purchased from the following companies:

    • All cartoon tiger graphics are from toons4biz

    • Assorted kid-friendly graphics are from ThistleGirl Designs

    • Many of the graphics on the introductory teacher pages are from D.J. Inkers

    • The royalty-free graphics are from iClipArt

    • Some of the graphics are designed by students and are noted as such

    Note: Teachers' pages may be utilizing graphics from other companies. Teachers are accountable for material on their individual homepages, including the graphics and permission for usage.

    Questions or comments can be directed to Mrs. Skipper-Spurgeon, MacArthur's webmaster.