• McFadden Intermediate School


    Telephone and E-Mail Directory



    The staff of McFadden Intermediate School is happy to meet with parents whenever needed. However, it is strongly recommended that parents call and schedule an appointment in order to assure that the person you need to see will be available.



    School Principal

    Ignacio Muñiz
    (714) 479-4000 Ignacio.Muniz@sausd.us

    Assistant Principal for: All 6th Graders and 8th Grade Girls

    Jeanette Andrews (714) 479-4000  jeanette.andrews@sausd.us


    Assistant Principal for: All 7th Graders and 8th Grade Boys

    Brent Nagele (714) 479-4000 Brent.Nagele@sausd.us



    Counselor: 6th Grade and 8th Grade, M - Z

    Dany Espinoza-Onofre (714) 479-4018 Danelia.Espinozaonof@sausd.us


    Counselor: 6th Grade and 7th Grade, A - L

    David Diaz (714) 479-4017 David.Diaz@sausd.us



    Office Manager

    Joseph Vasil (714) 479-4013 Joe.Vasil@sausd.us

    Attendance Office

    Estela Llanos (714) 479-4021 Estela.Llanos@sausd.us


    ASB Office

    Kristina Nowland (714) 479-4029 Kristina.Nowland@sausd.us    

    Registrar/School Records
    Justin "Manny" Hernandez (714) 479-4012 Justin.Hernandez@sausd.us
    Community and Family Liaison
    Chris Chavez (714) 479-4008 Inocencio.Chavez@sausd.us
    Discipline Office
    Jose Flores (714) 479-4022 Jose.Flores@sausd.us 

    Health Office/School Nurse (714) 479-4015

    Nohemi Amador (714) 479-4030 Nohemi.Amador@sausd.us


    Student Activities

    Kelly Sohner (714) 479-4000 kelly.sohner@sausd.us



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