• MCHS freshmen biology students were fortunate to receive a California Condor biotechnology kit from the San Diego Zoo Institute of Conservation Research. They had an opportunity to study about the endangered condor population, recovery, genetics and conducted a gel electrophoresis lab to determine the sex of the condor DNA. Our Wonderful Wizards did a terrific job!

    Wingspan condor

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  • Register for the second Brain Bee (February 8th, 2020) at the University of California Irvine, Center for the Neurobiology of Learning & Memory.


    Register, download study materials from site and get ready to compete. We will form study groups at MCHS and be ready to compete in the Brain Bee!

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  • Trextooth

    (T. rex tooth, dinosaur dig, Montana)

    Welcome back to school Biology, Global Studies and Medical Core students! This will be another terrific year filled with wonderful experiences, opportunities and the discovery of skills and talents you possess. 


    Susan Groff:  Susan.Groff@sausd.us          (714) 953-3900

    Homework assignments are posted on the whiteboard in the classroom and Google Classroom.

    Nautilus Live Susan Groff's information

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  • Paleontology: Dig Field School I had the opportunity to participate in the DIG Field School through the University of Washington & Burke Museum. Dr. Greg Wilson, postdocs & students provided an engaging experience for teachers. This short video shows the process and topography of Hell Creek, Montana. We found numerous microfossils and macrofossils. It was a fascinating experience! 



    UCI Medical School

    Apply for the ALMA program: ALMA Scholar



    Welcome to MCHS Biology and Global Studies!Susanphoto

    I look forward to another year with Wonderful Wizards! 




    animatedearth Carbon Footprint Calculator   


    Earth Day (April 22)...Every Day!

    Welcome to MCHS!

    Thank you for the Fedco Grant offered through the Orange County Community Foundation for funding a field trip for 147 MCHS students to the Natural History Museum and California Science Center to see the Body Worlds Pulse Exhibit and Endeavor.  Biology, Medical Core (CTE) and freshmen Physical Education students attended.


    Thank you to the California Science Center for a grant to cover the admission to the Body World Pulse Exhibit.


    NASA Ants in Space/Microgravity & Links


    Marian Diamond, neuroscience pioineer: " target="_blank">My Love Affair with the Brain


    The link below is a short video of paleontologists working on fossils at the LaBrea Tar Pits:

    La Brea Tar Pits Teacher Workshop      Pawprint



    Here are our Wonderful Wizards performing gel electrophoresis to determine the sex of the condor specimen. Future biotechnologists!!! Click on the link below:


    California Condor Genetics




    Thank you to San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Education for providing the California Condor biotechnology kit. Students have learned about the restoration of the condor population, genetics and utilizition of gel electrophoresis to idenitfy the sex of this incredible bird. It has a wing span of 9.5 feet!

    San Diego Zoo Condor Link

    Condor Cam

     Micro trash

    Biology and Global Studies Students: Please view and take notes on this Story Map:  Climate Migrants

    Global Studies Students are participating in the iEARN/BRIDGE program to collaborate on global hunger issues.https://iearn.org

    Middle College High School Supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

    Join Make A Difference Club to share local and global customs, traditions, and celebrations. 



    Watch our video of students creating Sugar Skulls (click on the link below):

    Creating Sugar Skulls




    Join Technology Club to learn about 3D printing, green screen and Virtual Reality. Have fun sharing your creative ideas!
    Techclub1 Techclub2 QuanErick Johanantech            sample3dmodels

     Tech Club creating a design on Tinkercad to resolve a problem. Inspiring ideas together!


    GlobstudiesDayof   Tech&Globalclubs

     Sugarskulls2                                  MrsOrtizDoD

    Make a Difference and Tech Clubs create sugar skulls in preparation for Day of the Dead.



                                           Biology and Global Studies


     Diet Analysis

     Supertracker          Estimated Calorie Intake

     Calculate BMI

    Facts about Hunger

    Zero Hunger

    UN SDG Hunger

    Future Scientists:  









    Biomes: UCB Biomes



     Biology :  Mitosis Video




    National Geographic Mapmaker 









    Orange County Food Pantries     

    Our city of Santa Ana is a designated Tree City! Explore the following link and identify the trees in our community.




    tree Designated Tree Species of Santa Ana  





     Future Scientists:  


    Our MCHS Make A Difference (MAD) Club had a wonderful Mexican Independence Day Celebration!








                            Newly Harvested corn: Bollo




    This is another wonderful year at MCHS!           

    Here are a few photographs from my wonderful summer in Panama. I spent six weeks in Panama teaching English through the Panama Teacher Match Program offered through Partners of the Americas. I met many new colleagues, students and friends.


    iptcsantiagoreturn  beew iptchuddle 3toedslth  2toedslth Harpywingspan

     bamboosummit IPTCbeesgroup mejiafamily








    Teachers flying aboard SOFIA June 2015:

    Ralph Peterson, Cliff Gertman & Susan Groff


    Orange County Register MCHS article November 2015:


    I had the opportunity to attend the Big Ideas Fest in San Jose in December. Here is an article on my experience: http://susanjgroff.weebly.com/teach.html


    Makatiscience I traveled to the Philippines through the Teachers for Global Classrooms program. Here is my web-site and blog for the program:    http://susanjgroff.weebly.com






    Aquarium of the Pacific Boeing Teacher Institute July-August 2015            Garibaldi                  


    USC Wrigley Marine Institute:  


    ray Thanks to a generous grant provided by Boeing, I had the opportunity to learn new lessons and resources from the fantastic staff at the Aquarium of the Pacific. We visited Catalina Island where we stayed at the USC Wrigley Marine Institute. We attended marine research lectures, went kayaking, snorkeling in the day and at night. Thank you to the Aquarium of the Pacific for a fabulous training program!



    BTITidepool Roboticsshark

    Catalinawrigley  orcaskull raybaby







     safariparkcollage cuttingDNA


     San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research (Peek at the condor cam at the link below

    Panda Cam/Atlanta Zoo Twin Girls  http://zooatlanta.org/panda_cam
    During the 2012 summer I was fortunate to  participate in the Teacher Workshop in Conservation Biology.  The program was fabulous providing extraordinary training and cutting edge research in conservation of animals and plants. We will be performing unique laboratories throughout the year to support our biology curriculum. The staff and workshop at Safari Park provided a terrific experience!  The Conservation Education Program at the Safari Park sponsored a field trip for all MCHS biology students last year and once again this year. It was a fantastic experience, where students performed a biotechnology lab on the estrous cycle of elephants and toured the Safari Park.
    MCHS Biology students performing biotechnology lab, identifying the stage of the estrous cycle of their respective elephant specimens. The students did an outstanding job!!! Way to go Wizards!
     Conservation articles:
    California is a Hotspot!!!    E
    Homeless Shelter Resources in Santa Ana
     cornucopia       http://www.suntopia.org/santa_ana/ca/homeless_shelters.php
    Thank you MCHS Stand Up to Cancer Club, Students, Staff, Alumni and Friends for your extraordinary support! You are truly exceptional people!
     Su2C MCHSband crowd mrsTballoonlaunch
     thu stephanie
    (714) 953-3900 Ext. 53922
    NASA SOFIA Ambassador
     Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy
    Biplanesue Sanchezkidsbiplane  During the summer of 2013 when I was receiving cancer treatment, Carlos and Josephine Sanchez surprised me with a biplane ride...one of my dreams! Many students from the class of 2010 donated money to make it a reality! Thank you to all of my students who have enriched my life!
    SKYWEEK: Check out what is happening this week in the sky.  http://www.skyandtelescope.com/videos/skyweek
    Biotechnology Workshops for High School Students:http://www.ocbiotecheducation.org/for-students.html
    My favorite resource for everyone! This is where I fell in love with biotechnology and  C. elegans (a little nematode) in 2007!        http://DNALC.org
    Profiles of Scientists and Engineers (Nice links = 10 pts EC for two)
     60 Minutes Dinosaur:Bird Connectionhttp://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=5658449n 
    Learn vocabulary,  practice math, chemistry and foreign language words to help end world hunger:  Log in and maintain your score for extra credit.

     Extra Credit Wizards!



    Extra, extra credit! Take notes and describe what you learned from the following link:
    Ask A Geneticist: http://www.thetech.org/genetics/ask.php?id=81            
     C. elegans in the Classroom:   http://ww.silencinggenomes
    fred greenhousefred&michael
    Again, we wish to thank Fred Ceballos at EuroAmerican Propagators for his generous donation of starter plants for an MCHS fundraiser and to support our campus beautification. 
    Landscaping and gardening donations requested:
    We are in need of equipment/materials, supplies and community participation!

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Wizards Butterfly Page!
     Visit The Exploratorium to view images of various organisms!

    How to Build a Beating Heart!!!! Truly Amazing!!!!!

    Create a Concept Map (Simple Mapper) using the Genes to Cognition Site and explore the brain:

    Earthquake Preparedness Information Create an earthquake survival kit with your family over spring break for extra credit. Use this time to review the guidelines together.     

    Use your Encyclopedia Britannica account to research and support learning. Share site with your SAUSD siblings to teach them the love of learning!!



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