• Elva Vicari

    Room 308
    Spanish Language and Culture B, International Baccaulaureate Spanish Language B 
    Conference: Period 1
    email: elva.vicari@sausd.us

    Period 1 

    Planning period

    Office hours M-F 1-2:52 and by appointment


    Google voice number for text and voice messages: 714-388-6873


    Period 2  IB Spanish 12th grade   
    Period 3 IB Spanish 11th grade


    Period 4  Lunch  

    Period 5


    Period 6


    Spanish Language and Culture B


     Spanish Language and Culture B 




    Period 7 Spanish Language and Culture B  
     You can  check your student's Aeries for Google Classroom access and Google Meets links
Last Modified on August 27, 2020