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    Mrs. T

    Mrs. Z. Toroman 

    Room 137 virtual

    teaching 4 classes of Algebra II and 1 class of Geometry



    To all my students:

    Use Google Classroom every day for the current assignments and make up work. As soon as the class starts click on the link from your email to be with me on Google Meet. I will  take a roll and teach you. You will take notes, ask clarifying questions, but I will ask you too. I promise to make your virtual classroom as similar as possible to my real classroom.

    Before we start our first day check please are you already in my Google Classroom, if not I will give you your Class code to enroll. You will have to enroll in Delta Math web page as well because you will have to do many times your homework and quizzes there. I have to send you an email with my ID for both sites which is different for each period I teach.

    You will need your Google Meet link for each period, and my will be posted on Stream page in the Google Classroom.



    ATTENTION ALL MY STUDENTS: both courses require graph notebooks, one for each semester. BUY IT NOW, PLEASE.





    Office Hours 1PM - 2:52PM every day I will use to help you with your homework I will post a permanent GM link same for all my 190 students, that you can use whenever is necessary to you, no matter how short or how long your question is.

     Tutoring will not be available Wednesdays because we have our meetings, and  2 days after each test because students who were absent will have to  make up test.


    Conference: Parents can request one at zorica.toroman@sausd.us and I will contact them during my conference period 4/5 (8AM - 9AM)or office hours (1 - 2:52PM)




    Welcome to my Math home page. At the left are the links to the class syllabus, rules, and expectations.

Last Modified on August 13, 2020