• Dr. Reynolds
           Dr. Gary Reynolds, at SAHS since 1987,  teaches Physics and Chemistry ,and is the faculty advisor for the Santa Ana High School Robotics Engineering Club.  
    Contact Dr. Reynolds at: gary.reynolds@sausd.us and visit http://www.sahsrobotics.org .
       Reynolds w solar compass      blowing the circuits
    Dr. Reynolds with the engineering club's solar compass mounted on the "CyberRider"  robotic vehicle and in the physics lab, the "Blowing the circuits" lesson in electric power:  Power = Amps x Volts
     Physics inteferometry lab           Centripetal force lab
    1)   Physics interferometry lab - measuring at the                2) Physics - Measuring centripetal force with increasing velocities.
           micrometer level with a green laser. 
     Anali Sanchez                Leal building Atlas
    3) Anali Sanchez programming her robot "King Kunta".    4)  Alberto Leal building "Atlas"
    5) Below, Jesus Urquiza and Alberto de la Rosa            6)  Al Leal's Robot Atlas (run in competition by Al de la Rosa
     Urqiza and de la Rosa           Robot "Atlas"
     7)  Below, teams from SAHS and Cerritos H.S. at the 2014 LA/OC Robot Challenge (see video link at left)
     Group pic 2014 challenge
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