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    Ollie and me
    Mr. Gordon teaches Drawing and Painting. Prior to becoming a teacher and after graduating art school, Mr. Gordon began his career as a jewelry designer, then became involved in advertising and marketing for over 25 years, he brings this first hand industry knowledge and expertise to the classroom.
    Most first semester lessons have been recorded on video at www.sophia.org. If students have been absent from class or need clarification on my lessons, these may be accessed by searching for my name roger gordon, and by selecting "Roger Gordon Tutorials".
    Additionally all lesson descriptions are available on the Aeries Website under Gradebook and can be found on Google Classroom as well.
    During our Emergency Corona Virus Shutdown grading will temporarily be found on the Google Classroom. I will be sending links to each of my classes for our Zoom meetings that will be held at 11:00AM each day. Students will meet with their specific Art class and myself at this time to check in and to ask questions live. Please make sure to check your emails for the link, and remember you can always send me questions at my email roger.gordon@sausd.us which I check daily.
    Mr Gordon is a professional artist and exhibits his work extensively, many of his sold pieces hang in private homes and offices throughout the country. Besides creating his own art, he also enjoys composing and playing music, reading and spending time with his family and friends. 
    Mr. Gordon can be contacted by:
    e-m: roger.gordon@sausd.us
    ph: 714 241-5000
    Damian Guerra Ingry Lucas Illuminated letter  Illuminated letters
       Damian                Ingry 
    Brianna Rodriguez
     story illustration  graphic design Adobe Illus
    Brianna                        Anne

    Justine Perez

    Rachael Nguyen

    Stephanie Rubalcaba

     Student working
       Justine               Rachael                                    Stephanie
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