• Good morning/afternoon, students!  I hope that you are all doing well and adjusting comfortably to your new educational status.  Each day I want you to check in with me via Faculty Directory. You will find this at the top right of the Valley Web Page (Faculty).  All Valley teacher's names will come up. so look for mine and click! This is where I will be listing your daily assignments.  You will be turning them in when we return to school. Please keep up as best you can so you won't be overwhelmed.  Take care of yourselves and I will keep in touch!

    English 11:  I decided that we are going to read Of Mice and Men during the time that you are home.  Please go to YouTube and find the audio by Erin Dickey.  Make sure it is the right one since it will offer the text and the audio so you will be able to read along.  It is a short book with only six chapters and you will be able to complete it easily during our time off from the classroom.  You will have 14 school days to finish all work, but that does not include your Spring break days, so if you fall behind, you still have that week to catch up.  It is a great book, and I am disappointed that I cannot share it with you. However, reading independently develops strong reading skills, so you will do fine!  If you ever have any questions, or just want to talk about the book (seriously!), please email me, and I will get back with you as soon as I can! (veronica.lopez@sausd.us)  All work will be done on your own paper!  Don't lose it!!  Also, please do not forget that you have your outside readings to do.  Enjoy all of the good literature!!

    March 17/18: Before reading Chapter One, look up the following words and on your own paper write down the word, part of speech, and definition.


            1. morose                2. juncture            3.  mottled             4. imperiously            5. recumbent            6. lumbered

    Also, each chapter has a particular theme:  The first chapter has to do with dreams.  We all have the ability to imagine a future and then the ability, in part, to make it happen.  In  journal form (meaning a brief paragraph), answer the following questions:

    1.  Do you agree that dreams have the power to inspire even if they are not fully realized (fulfilled)?  Explain

    2.  How important is it for human beings to have hope?  Why does it matter? 

    Ch 1 Questions:

    1.  What is the time period and setting of the story?

    2.  Describe Lenny. What animal(s) is he compared to and why do you think Steinbeck uses animal comparisons for Lennie?

    3.  Describe George. 

    4.  Why do Lennie and George travel together and what is their relationship like?

    5.  What dream do both Lennie and George share?


    English 10:  Hello 10th graders.  We are going to have to take a bit of a detour since we were preparing to read a play.  I hope to get back to 12 Angry Men when we return, but for now I will be putting together several poetry lessons that will hopefully spark thought and be accessible without receiving direct help in the classroom. Just make sure that you check in daily to see what is new for you.

    March 17/18:  Please go to Poetryfoundation.org and look up the poem Drum Dream Girl by Margarita Engle. It is about a young chinese/African Cuban girl who broke Cuba's taboo against female drummers in the 1930's.  Before you read, answer the following questions on your own paper.  Everything we do during this time away from the classroom, please do on your own paper and be prepared to turn it in when we return.  if you have any questions about anything (or just want to say "Hi") email me at veronica.lopez@sausd.us.

    Before You Read: Please respond to questions in writing for all listed activities.

    Why do some people think that only men and boys should do certain things?  How would you feel if someone were to tell you that you could not do a particular thing because of your gender?

    After You Read:

    What does this poem tell us about dreamers?  What did Millo do to make her dream come true?

    Have you ever accomplished something that people thought that you were not qualified or able to do? Explain.


    Here is a list of 10 women who broke barriers.  Look up each of them and briefly explain what her accomplishment was.

    Valentina Tereshkova  /  Wilma Mankiller /  Marie Curie / Sarah Thomas  /  Aretha Franklin  /  Janet Guthrie / Victoria Woodhull  /  Ann Dunwoody /  Sandra Day O' Conner /  Kathryn Bigelow


    English 11:  March 19/20  Good morning!  Please continue reading Of Mice and Men.  By Friday, you should complete Ch. 2. (Pgs. 17-37).  Follow as before the directions for the vocabulary, journal topics, and chapter questions. Again, write on your own paper and save until we return.  Make sure you put your NAME on your work!

    Chapter 2: One of the major themes in Of Mice and Men is loneliness.  The story begins "A few miles south of Soledad"  a word that means alone or solitude in Spanish.  Several characters in the book feel a strong sense of isolation and loneliness, and the story itself occurs during a time that many people felt uprooted from their homes due to the economic turmoil of the Great Depression.  Respond (in writing) to the following question.

    What is the difference between being alone and being lonely? What might happen to a person who becomes too lonely?

    Another theme of the story is the significance of relationships. At the time, many migrant workers traveled alone while looking to make money. George and Lenny traveled together and established a strong bond. 

    Name several of the most significant relationships in your life.  Why are they so important to you?  How would your life be different without this person?

    Vocabulary:  Look up the following words and provide a definition/part of speech for each:

    1.  mollify       2.  pugnacious    3.  ominous     4.  derogatory    5.  complacent       6. plaintive

    Chapter Quesstions:

    1.  Describe the stable buck.  What physical characteristics does he have?

    2.  Who is Curly and how do the ranch hands view him?

    3.  Who is Slim?  What do the other men think of him?

    4.  What does Lennie want George to ask Slim?

    5.  Describe the atmosphere of the ranch and bunkhouse.  How does this setting differ from the setting in the first chapter?

            Happy Birthday to Jesus Villegas whose birthday is March 16  and Maricarmen Merida whose birthday is March 18!! Celebrate!!


    English 10:  March 19/20     Hi to all of you.  Here we go with another poem!  Again go back to Poetryfoundation.org.  Look up one of my favorite poems, "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes (1902-1967).  Hughes was an influencial African American writer/poet who wrote about the black experience. This poem is an extended metaphor, meaning that all of the comparisons made throughout the poem are expressing a consistent train of thought.  The main metaphor (direct comparison between to unlike things) is that life is a staircase.  Most all of the other metaphors tell you how. Keep in mind this is written using a specific dialect that imitates the speaker's speech style.  Dialect is a particular form of language unique to a specific region or social group. For example, rather than saying, " I have been climbing," the speaker says, "I'se been a-climbin'

    Answer the following questions.  Please write in complete sentences.

    1.  What is the subject of the poem?

    2.  On what occasion do you think the speaker is saying the poem?

    3.  Who is the intended audience for the poem?

    4.  What do you think the purpose of the poem is?

    5.  Who is the speaker of the poem?

    6.  What is the tone (attitude) of the poem?

    Below is a list of metaphors within the poem.  What do each represent?

    "crystal stair" (line 2)   "tacks" (line 3)      "splinters" (line 4)   "boards torn up" (line 5)    "bare places with no carpet" (line 6-7)    "landin's" (line 10)    "corners" (line 11)

    Basically this is a mother talking to her son about life and giving him advice.    Summarize the the three sections of this poem through the following questions.

    1.  What has the mother's life been like?

    2.  How has she dealt with life?

    3.  What advice does she give her son?

    Journal: (respond in writing)    

      If/When you are a parent one day, what bits of advice about life will you give your child?  Explain at least 5 of them.


    Thursday, March 19

    Good morning to all of you.  I hope that everyone is well and following suggestions for staying happy and safe.  What I have listed so far will be for the remainder of this week.  I wil post all of next weeks work tomorrow.  I have no idea how much work you are getting from other classes and how much responsibility you have at home during this time, so I am going to keep school work as ight as possible.  Please contact me with any questions.  Thank you for those of you that let me know that you received my message.  I had mass emailed all of my students and didn't hear back from anyone, so when I mass called everyone, I received many  confirmations.  Again, I will be checking this page a couple times a day and will get back with you ASAP if you need to reach me.  Please take care and check in again tomorrow for your assignments.  Sending good thoughts your way!! :)


     English 10:  When you look up the 10 women who "broke barriers," all you need to do is write a sentence or two as to what their accomplishment was.  Enjoy!

    Work for the week: March 23-27

    English 10:  It's the weekend!  I hope you had a chance to go outside. It was a beautiful day.  Also, keep safe and be careful.  Here is your assignment for next week. As I said before, I am keeping it light so you can keep up with all of your responsibilities. I also hope that you are reading everyday and looking up vocabulary words for your book report.

    Go to Poetryfoundation.org and look up the poem, "If" by Rudyard Kipling.  Did you know he wrote "The Jungle Book"?  Kipling is an English writer that was born in India. (1865-1936).  Just as in the poem, "Mother to Son" we have another poem where a parent is giving advice to his child.  This is a well-known and beloved poem. I hope you enjoy it.

    Read the poem (written 1910) and you will see that Kipling lists several life situaltions and explains the correct way to handle each.  Below are some of these situations.  Briefly explain each  and how you would handle each.

    1.  If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same"

    2.  If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you/But make allowances for their doubting too"

    3.  "I you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run"

    If you have difficulty interpreting these lines, google them.  Read some interpretations so you can gain a better understanding in order to explain each in your own words and respond to them.

    In the poem, "If" Kipling encnourages his son to develop good characteristics.  Make a list of at least 10 of these characteristics that are mentioned in the poem.

    example: 1. patient


    There are several lines of figurative language in the poem (language not meant to be taken literally).

    Provide one example for each of the following: metaphor  (direct comparison between two unlike things).  personification (giving human qualitites to something not human) and symbolism (when something has meaning within itself and beyond). Then, interpret the meaning for each.

    Again, you can google: figurative language in the poem "If" and you can find some good examples.  Pay attention how each device operates so it will help you in your interpretation.

    Main Idea:  One of the bits of advice in the poem is that if something bad is done to. you, you should not do the same bad thing in return.  Write three quotations from the poem that support this idea.

    Do you like this poem?  In a brief paragraph tell me why or why not.  State several ideas/lessons that you, personally, can take away from this poem.

    I hope you have a good week!


    English 11:  Hi students!  I hope you are adjusting well to this challenging situation. We all need to be patient, stay safe, and at some point it will be behind us!!

    Here is the work for the week. You will be reading Ch. 3-4 this week.  (March 22-27)

    Chapter 3: One of the themes in this chapter is the significance of relationships.  Good relationships enhance our lives and well-being.  Sometimes those important relationships are with our pets.  Studies show that the relationshipss with our pets help to keep us happier and healthier. In this chapter, we see the old swamper, Candy, and his close bond with his dog. 

    For each question, provide a written response.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       1.  Have you ever had a special pet?  If so, what type? Tell me a little about your pet.  If you have never had a pet, would you like one some day?  What kind?

    2.  Can we form close relationships with our pets?  How important are these relationships and why?

    3.  Have you ever lost a pet to death?

    4. Have you ever had to put a pet "to sleep"?  If so, is it a different experience than losing a pet to old age?  Explain.

    5.  Is it cruel to put a pet "down"?  Why or why not?

    Vocabulary:  Look up the following words and write down the part of speech and a sentence for each.

    1. derision   2.  gnawing.   3.  reprehensible.   4.  cowering.   5.  regarded.   6. solemn

    Chapter Questions:

    1.  Who is Candy? Describe him.

    2.  Who is Slim?  Describe him.

    3. What is the sjtory behind why Lennie and George travel together?

    4.  What does George tell Slim about what happened in Weed? 

    5.  What "sneaky" thin does Lennie try to do?

    6.  Describe the following two characters:  Carlton and Curly

     7.  What does Carlton tell Candy to do to his dog and why?

    8.  What does Candy tell George is for sale?  Why is it only being sold for $600?

    9.  What happens with Candy's dog?

    10.  What does Candy tell George he wishes he had done?

    11.  What happens between Curly and Lennie?  What does Curly agree to regarding what happened?

    George and Lennie's Dream

    "Someday-we're gonna get the jack together and we're gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an' a cow and some pigs and......"

    Journal (paragraph)

    Do you think their dream is realistc for them?  Why or why not?  What would they have to do in order to achieve their dream?

    English 11:  I will post work for Chapter 4 on Tuesday.  Could some of you email me and let me know how this amount of work is working for you? Can you let me know how your other classes are going and if you are able to keep up.  I do not want to overwhelm anyone or add to any stress you may be going through.  Pleasse send me a quick email just to check in so I can get some feedback.  Thanks and hang in there! Also, I heard from many of you but I haven't heard from everybody.  If you can spread the word through social media as to how to access my assignments, I would really appreciate it...definitely trying times!!

    March 24:  Good morning to all of my students. As always, I hope you and your families are doing well and adjusting to life as it is right now.  We will get passed this, one day at a time.  Please feel free to check in with me and let me know how you are doing.  As I have said before, I am hearing from some of you but have no idea if many of my students are receiving my assignments and messages. I am not going to post any more assignments for the rest of this week.  This will give you a chance to catch up and also have time for your other concerns. I would be happy to know that you were reading every day.  I am!  I just finished a book from my bookclub (didn't like it) and am about to start "In a dark, dark wood."  It comes highly recommended so I hope it is good!  Take care, students, and be well.

    If any of you would like to send me your work, you can email it to me.  This might be better than. trying to hold on to it.  I'll check for work a couple times a day.

    March 25:  To my Period 2 Class

    Administration wants all faculty to reach out to our second period class so as to get a list of students who have not connected with their teachers yet. I am asking that my second period class reach out to me through my sausdlearns email letting me know if you have been receiving my messages.  This is very important and it is really needed at this point to reach out to those persons who do not have access to their teachers. Please get back with me ASAP so I can make up my list and send it to administratiom.  

    Thank you and keep in touch!


    English 11:  Time for Chapter 4!  The theme of loneliness continues in Ch. 4 but we also see an inequality of how some of the men on the ranchs are viewed and treated. In this chapter, the field hands have gone to visit a brothel (cathouse...look it up)!  The only ones left behind are what Curley's wife calls the "weak ones."  These are the ones who belong in the bottom level of the ranch heirachy.  We see Lennie, Crooks, and Candy left behind. Why are these men looked down upon?  Why don't they belong with the other guys? In a brief paragraph, how do you think it makes these characters feel?  How does it make you feel?

    Vocabulary:  Please look up and. provide a definition for each of the following words.

    1. meager.    2.  fawning.    3.  scornful.    4.  indignation.   5. averted

    Chapter Questions

    1.  Who is Crooks?  Where does he live and how do the other ranchhands treat him?

    2.  Descrive Curly's wife.  How do the men feel about her?  Why do you think they feel this way?

    3.  Who shows up to Crook's room?  How does Crooks feel about this?  Do you think he feels differently as time goes on during the visit?

    4.  How does Curly's wife feel about her life on the ranch?  What feelings do you have toward Curly's wife?  Why?

    5.  At the end of the chapter, how does Curly's wife treat Crooks and how does it affect him?  Also how does this demonstrate the "heirachy" of the ranch? 

    It's the weekend!  I am thinking of you all and have been trying to reach out to as many students as I can individually.  I'm having some luck, but I haven't heard from too many from my second period class.  I will turn my list in tomorrow as to whom I haven't been able to reach. Period 2, I still ask that you email me if you are getting my messages. 

    I will post next weeks work tomorrow that will carry you to the "official" spring break (4/6-4/10). After that, I will check in and see where we are. As I said, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. We need to  support each other to get through this the best we can.  Be smart, practice "social distancing" connect with friends and family safely and I hope to see you soon. Be well!

    English 11:  There are only two chapters left in our book!  I wonder how many of you have already finished it.  It's good, isn't it?!

    Here is work for chapter 5.  I will post work for the final chapter by Wednesday.

    Chapter 5: This is the climax of the story.  I hope there haven't been any "spoiler alerts"!

    Vocabulary:  For each word, provide a definition:

    1. writhe     2.  jeer      3.  console    4.  bewildered        5.  woe      6. sullen

    Chapter Questions:

    1.  Why do you think Curly's wife's name is never revealed?

    2.  What do we learn about Curly's wife from the conversation she has with Lennie?  

    3.  What two things happen in the barn?  How does Lennie react to the first incident and how does it foreshadow the second inident?

    4. What happens to the dream?

    5.  What does Slim suggest to George regarding Lennie?

    After You Read:  Identify the dreams of each of the following characters and explain how that dream is destroyed.

    George and Lennie:     Dream            How it Dies

    Crooks:                       Drream           How it Dies

    Candy:                        Dream               How it Dies

    Curley's Wife:              Dream                How it Dies

    Lessons Learned:  What message is the author giving the readers?  Will anyone's dream come to fruition?  How do yoiu feel after examining this rather depressing theme?


    English 10: Let's have some fun with similes: comparison between two unlike things using "like" "as" or than. (ex: Your smile is as warm and bright as the sun.")

    For each of the following, select one of the three that you feel is most like you and and explain why.

    1.  more like New York City, Hawaii, or Colorado?

    2.  more like a rose, a daisy, or a cactus?

    3. more like breakfast, dinner, or a snack?

    4.  more yes, no, or maybe?

    5. more past, present, or future?

    6. more physical, mental, or emotional?

    7. more like paddle, a ping pong ball, or the net?

    8. more like roller skates, a pogo stick, or a hula-hoop?

    9. more like the beach, a mountain, or a valley?

    10.  more like a fly swatter, fly paper, or a fly?


    Next, write a Bio-Poem!

    Here is an example:                              Martin Luther King, Jr.

                                                     Proud, courageous, eloquent, wise

                                                               Leader to millions

                                                  Who felt outrage by hate and prejudice

                                                  And who was inspired by acts of kindness

                                                 Who gained greater dignity for his people

                                                    And hoped everyone could live in peace

                                                               Martin Luther King, Jr.


    Now, you are going to answer some questions so you can write a Bio-Poem about yourself. You don't have to use all of your answers, but your answers will give you ideas that you can use for your poem.  Follow the format of the example above.  Write down each of your answers.

    1.  List a least seven adjectives that you would use to describe yourself?

    2.  List three important relationship in your life (e.g., friend, brother, cousin, mother)

    3.  List five things that you love.

    4.  List five memories you have and describe how you felt at those times.

    5.  List five of your fears.

    6.  List three accomplishments.

    7.  List five wishes or hopes.

     This is it for the week since I gave several things to do last week that you might still be working on.  

    I would love to hear from you so I can get some feedback as to how you are doing on your assignments and also personally.  I pray you are doing well!  Send me an email if you can!

    April 1 

    Good Morning!  I just listened to Dr. Galicia's message and as we have all learned, the work since we left school will be considered "enrichment" and will not affect your grade.  I still hope that you, as Dr. Galicia stated, will take accountability and responsibility for your own learning. To my juniors, Of Mice and Men is a classic, beloved book, and I hope you will be amongst the people in the future who can say that you read this book in high school and how great it was.  It is filled with compassion, deals with the human conditions of loneliness, inequality, and the importance of human bonding. It also deals with making difficult decisions, and the consequences of those decisions.  I hope that you all are reading it and enjoying it and will continue to read a good book during this time.  Keep in mind that the independent reading was assigned before we left school and you will he held accountable for that.  Your book report grade will be apart of your final grade.  Please stay in contact, even if it is just telling me how you are doing.  I do miss you all, and at this point, I am glad that you have your cell phones so you can keep in contact with your friends.  I'm sure that helps right now.  Be kind to each other, support each other and think of ways you can make this situation we are all going through a little bit easier for each other. Take care of yourself and your families. I continue to send you all my best thoughts.

    10th graders:  The poetry assignment I last posted is for the entire week, but please be reading your own books for your report.

    11th grade:  I will post Chapter six in a few hours.


    English 11: Ch. 6

    Vocabulary:  Look up and define

    1.  dutiful             2. monotonous         3.  retort              4. belligerently

    Chapter Questions

    1.  After Lennie commits the final act in the barn, where does he go?

    2.  What happens between George and Lennie once George arrives?

    3.  What does George try to communicate to ennie before he shoots him?

    4.  Why does George feel as if he has to shoot Lennie?  Where was this foreshadowed earlier in the story?

    5.Do you think George does the right thing in shooting Lennie?  Was there another alternative? Explain

    6.  What theme does the novel's ending convey?  HOw does this theme make you feel?

    Journal:  Please write a paragraph about your thoughts on this book.  Did you like it?  On a scale from 1 to 10 (one being you didn't like it at all-10 being best book ever-and whatever number in between).  Explain your rating.

    Well, that's the book.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Please email me and let me know what you thought!  I do miss you al and would love to hear from you. Remember to stay safe, stay home but get some sunshine each day.  Keep in touch with your friends.  Be kind to your family.  I wil keep in touch.


    Dear Students:  It is officially spring break, so I will not be posting anything for the coming week.  Take time to relax and enjoy your families.  Feel free to keep in touch with any questions or to say hello.  I wil continue to check  my email daily, and as I always say, I would love to hear from you!


     April 13

    Welcome back.  I hope you all found a special way to celebrate Easter with your families. We are back from break (officially) so I wanted to check in with you all to see how you are doing.  I hope you are continuing to keep yourselves safe and positively occupied!  Again, please feel free to contact me to say "hi" or ask whatever questions you still may have about the work that I have been posting for you.  This week I am going to devote to you reading your books for your independent reading assignment.  Here it is again in case you don't have the paper any longer.

    The book needs to be at least 200 pages.  Many of you turned in your forms for my approval but many didn't, so I hope that you select a book that is just a bit over your reading level.  If it is too easy, you won't have the opportunity to increase your vocabulary and reading skill, so find the right book.  If you don't like it, don't read it. Find one that you do like. There are so many good books out there!

    You don't need to worry about a cover, so here is what goes inside.  

    Write a brief description of each of the significant characters.  Esplain who they are in the story, a physical descrition, and their most prominent personallity traits. (100 words)

    Write a summary of the main events in the story (150 words)

    Write an evaluation of this book.  Did you like it?  Why or why not?

    What did you like most about it?  What did you like least? (50 words)

    Writte three book reviews (that you make up).  "Engrossing!  A tender tale about family love and loyalty."

    Select 10 words and follow this format:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Vocabulary:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              1. Copy the sentence in which the word appears

    2.  Make a prediction of what the word means based on its context

    3.  Look up the word and provide the dictionary definition and part of speech.


    I will check in with you toward the end of the week.  Hopefullly I will hear from you to see how you're all doing.  Be safe. Stay well!


    April 20, 2020

    Good Morning Students

    I want to thank those of you who are checking in with me.  For those of you who are reading this page, please spread the word that this is where I am posting assignments.  Also, for those of you who are connecting with your classmates, let them know that I can be reached at veronica.lopez@sausdlearns.net.

    I am going to stay on the light side this week as far as assignments.  Please continue to read your outside reading assignment and working on your book report, and anyone who would like to read another book and do additional book reports, I will accept them to make up for late work for assignments that were not completed before we left school on March 13th.

    The following :assignment will be for both 10th and 11th graders.

    Please go to youtube and look up Story Corps. He was robbed at Knifepoint and Gained a Friend. It is just a couple of minutes;  I hope you gain insight from it.  After viewing, respond to the following questions:

    1.  What are three qualities that the narrator, Julio, possesses?  Provide an example for each of those qualities from the video.

    2.  What three qualities do you possess that define your character? Provide an example for each quality.

    3.  What life lesson can you take away from this video?

    I will check in again in the middle of the week with another video.  Please take a picture of your work and email it to me.  Or, type up your work and share it with me.  I check my email everyday so I would love to hear from you.

    : I know these times are tough. Stay strong, be well, be kind. We will get to the other side of this!


    April 23: Good Afternoon!  Again I am posting a Story Corps from Youtube.  This is for both 10th and 11th grade.  This one is called "Eyes on the Stars"

    Please watch the video and answer the following questions:

    1.  Who was Ron McNair?

    2.  What happened to him on January 28, 1986?

    3.What memory does Ron's brother, Carl, share about his brother and his experience at the library?

    4.  When Ron was a bit older, what TV show did he watch that made a strong impression on him.  Why?

    5.  What thoughts can you share about Ron and his dreams as a child?  What impression does this make on you?

    As always, I  encourage you to send in work and to keep in touch with me.  I sent out a call to all of you to remind you of your book reports and to make sure that you know that it will be a part of your semester grade.  If you want your grade to go up, do as much of this work as you can.  Take pictures and email work to me, or just type it up and share with me. I have recently heard from a few more students for the first time, so if you haven't responded to any of these messages yet, please do!! I check my email a couple of times a day and will answer all questions you may have.  Continue to be careful and stay well.

    April 28, 2020

    Good afternoon!! Wishing you all well. I am hearing from more and more of you, but still not everyone!  But, for those of you who I am in contact with, thank you for your great efforts, and please keep it up.  I know it is not ideal, but we all have to try to do our best under these unusual circumstanes.  Well. her is your Story Corps for the day.  You will find it on youtube.

    Look up Story Corps: The Temple of Knowledge.  I may have shown this during the school year but it is one of my favoites so I thought I would share it again.  Please adress the following questions:

    1.  Who is Ronald Clark?

    2.  What did he call "The Temple of Knowledge" and why?

    3. How do you think his "home" influenced his life?

    One of my favorite parts of this video comes at the end.  It shows the image of a young boy riding on a flying carpet.  What does that image mean to you?  Can you relate to it at all?  Why or why not? Respond in a brief paragraph.

    Please take care.  My daughter and I have been taking her dog, Arlo, for a walk each day at to Mile Square and it has helped my attitude and well being a lot!  I hope you all have an opportunity to go outside, get a little exercise, and notice how nice and clear the air has been. Of course, be careful and cautious when you do. I also hope that to some degree you are gaining some  undertanding and compassion about people and the world around you and to truly realize, the entire world is going through this together! As "corny" (there's an old word for you) as this sounds, we for sure are stronger together!

    May 1, 2020

    Happy Friday, and happy May!!  We are now in the final month of the school year!  I do wish I were in the classroom with you enjoying my final year of teaching, but here we are, dealing with our situations in the best way we know how! I do think about all of you and your families and pray that you all are being safe and staying healthy.  I definitely have learned from our current situation that we can be strong, resilient, and able to learn to adapt to our life's situations in the very best way we can.  I hope you are staying positive and hopeful.

     I am going to wait until next week before I post another Story Corps.  I haven't received any book reports yet so I will give you some time to work on those.  Again, several of you are doing all the work that I have posted, and I am so grateful and appreciative for that.  I would love to hear from more of you, but nearly each day I get an email from someone new, so keep it up.  Contact me and we will make sure that your efforts are recognized.  Be good, be patient and kind, and I will check in on Monday or Tuesday! Have a good weekend and read a good book!!


    Cinco de Mayo

    Good Morning!  Thinking of you all and hoping all is well with you and your loved ones.  I am going to post just one Story Corps for the week.  When I select a video, I try to find one that I find inspiring in some way that we all can relate to.  The one I selected for this week connected with me for a couple reasons.  First, it is about trash collectors and I thought how very timely it is in our current situation.  There are so many jobs that people have that we  often take for granted.  I believe we all now recognize these "essential workers" that we rely on  and have a far greater appreiciation for all they do.  Please watch the Story Corps Video Clean Streets and respond to it with at least three lessons (insights) that you can take away from it.  Even though it is so simple, it is filled with lessons we can all benefit from and and hopefully be better persons for those lessons. (The other reason I like it is because both Angelo and I are retiring after 31 years of service, and there have been moments, as Angela says, that I wish I could do it all again!)


    Good Evening Students:  (5/13) Sending you good thoughts and hoping  you all are continuing to stay safe and healthy.  I was going to post a few more Story Corps to end the year, but I decided to just end the work here. For those who are turning things in, you can complete any of the work that I have previously posted and also your book report.  I realize we only have a couple of weeks left so this may be a good time to catch up! Continue to keep in touch and let me know whatever concerns you might have at this point! Take care!


    May 22, 2020

    Good morning!  We are approaching our last week of school.  I just checked my email and received work from several students whom I haven't heard from during all of this time, so I guess there are students who are checking this page who I've been unaware of.  If in fact you are reading this and have been doing the work, please turn it in as soon as possible since next Thursday, May 28th is the last day.  I'm glad to hear from many of you but regret that there are a lot of students that I just never heard from.  I hope everyone is doing well and will continue to be safe and stay well.  I am still open for questions, so please send me an email and send me your work!  This weekend is Memorial Day weekend so I hope you can take the time to get outside (safely) and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having.  With less cars and people out, the air is great and the sky is so blue!! Enjoy!!

    May 28

    Today is the last day of school.  Whatever work you completed should be turned in before 8:00 tonight.  Grades will be complete in the morning. It was quite a year, and I want to thank those students who took responsibility for their learning.  I respect your work ethic and your good grade and sense of accomplishment will be your reward.  Although we lost out on the last 10 weeks of school, we did have 26 weeks together, and I enjoyed it. It was great meeting some of you for the first time this year, and having many of my 10th grade students from last year again as juniors this year. I hope for you all good things for next year and beyond.  As things begin to reopen around us, please still be cautious and stay safe.  Enjoy your summer, read a couple of good books, increase your vocabulary, and be smart and kind in all you do.  Thank you and be well.


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    I was born in Santa Monica, CA

    Where did I go to school?

    I went to Thomas Jefferson Elementary in Bellflower, Roosevelt Jr. High in Lakewood, and Mayfair High School in Lakewood, Ca.  My post high school education was at Cerritos Community College, then transferred to Cal State University Long Beach.  My Master's Degree is in TESOL from Alliant University.

    What do I teach?

    I teach Language Arts

    What else am I involved in?

    I am a teacher in the New Media Academy

    What are my interests outside of school?

    Outside of school I enjoy reading for recreation, playing a little piano (Im teaching myself how to play!) and spending time with family and my beautiful granddaughters.