Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Helen Fe


My name is Helen Fe, one of the health academy teachers here at Valley High School.  I've been with the SAUSD since 1999, and 13 years at Valley HS. My background is Nursing by profession and educator for CTE/Valley teaching health academy students.  I am married. I have two daughters and one French Bulldog.  I love teaching at Valley high school.


Telephone:  (714) 241-6410, Ext. 68310

Office Hours - Available upon request by appointment (In person or virtual): 

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Meeting ID:  8746994 5789

Passcode: 423371


My Courses:

Period 1 - Prep

Period 2 - Medical Administrative (Front Office)                           Room 3-10

Period 3 - Medical Administrative (Front Office)                           Room 3-10

Period 4 - Medical Administrative (Front Office)                           Room 3-10

Period 5 - Medical Assisting, Back Office Clinical                          Room 3-10

Period 6 - Medical Assisting Advance (Clinical Internship)           Room 3-10

Expanded Learning (3:45 - 6:15 pm) - Medical Assisting, Advance (Clinical Internship)