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    Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten 
    Welcome to Mrs Pratt's  Website
    I will be teaching your students in  TK and Kindergarten this year. I have been teaching elementary grades for 24 years. I have my Master of Science in Elementary Reading and Math. 
    My goal for your students is by the end of the year:
    Identify all 26 letters and be able to tell their sound.
    Be able to identify beginning middle and ending sounds in words.
    Be able to blend sounds together to make words.
    Read 45 High Frequency Words
    Be able to read a simple sentence.
    Be able to write a simple sentence with correct punctuation. 
    Be able to count tk-20 Kinder -100
    Do addition and subtraction  TK to five  Kinder to 10
    Be able to identfy numbers 1-20
    These are just a few concepts of what we will be learning.
    Name shapes
    Compare numbers for more, less, same.
  • Classroom Rules

    1.  I will raise my hand
    2.  I will listen and follow direction
    3.  I will walk
    4.  I will be quiet
    4.  I will be kind
    6.  I will share 
    1. Roar tickets
    2. Free Dress
    3. Treasure Chest
    1. Warning
    2. Change sitting
    3. Lose 5 minutes of recess
    4. Lose 10 minutes of recess and note home
    5.  Parents is contacted
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