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Mrs. Armstrong

Welcome to Mrs. Armstrong's 6th grade Integrated Science class! When we're on campus, I'm in room 21. I've been teaching in SAUSD for 14 years. Our classroom pet, Sam, is a ball python. I evacuated her to my home when we had to leave for the COVID distance learning, but I've posted a couple of videos on my YouTube channel (Links to an external site.) where you can meet her, and I'll share updates. After last year's science fair, we collected a couple more classroom pets that live with Sam: dubias (Links to an external site.) that we used for behavioral experiments.

We also have some classroom plants now too. Last year, they were just some sweet potatoes that started growing when I didn't eat them fast enough. They stayed on my desk and grew sprouts for weeks. With a will to live like that, I finally took pity on them and gave them soil. Now one of them is a flourishing potted plant, one is on its way to being a flourishing potted plant, and one is still a tiny little thing, but it's green and happy. We'll observe them and try to figure out why they might have grown so differently! Occasionally my dog, Max, gets to join in distance learning videos too!

All of our assignments will be posted in Google Classroom. Many assignments are intended to be completed in class; however, if students do not finish in class, they will need to finish on their own time. Study will frequently be assigned for homework. Although this isn't homework that I can check, it is extremely important, and I encourage you to have your children show off to you what they have memorized. The more they study, the more they will remember. When they remember their lessons, they will be able to make connections and apply their knowledge in the future.

Tutoring: 1:05-2:25 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri at the same Zoom link we use for class

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Here are some links that might be helpful for you:

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  • MosaMackIcon.jpg Our primary science curriculum will be through Mosa Mack Science