•                   Welcome to Mr. Zive's pages
    Mr. Zive has been a math teacher at Willard since September 2004.
    Mr. Zive is teaching 8th grade math, as well as serving as the math department chair and
    representative on the Instructional Leadership Team.  Mr. Zive has been the teacher site
    contact for Pinnacle for the last three years.
    Mr. Zive is an SAEA Site Representative for Willard, as well as being the CTA QEIA Site Rep, and sits on the SAEA Board of Directors.
    Goofy, Mr. Zive and Gavin
    Mr. Zive is a proud and happy Grampa.


    Mr. Zive
    Willard Intermediate School Room 1200
    1342 N. Ross Street
    Santa Ana, CA 92706


Last Modified on November 1, 2013