• Discipline and Climate for Learning

    Hoover Academy takes a proactive approach to minimizing classroom disruptions and maintaining a safe learning environment.  Santa Ana Unified School District publishes a Parent-Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook in both English and Spanish.  The handbook clearly defines the student code of conduct, progressive discipline process, and dress code standards.

    Hoover School Rules

    Students respect adults and adults respect students.
    1. Children are expected to stay on school grounds during the school day.  The exception is students who go home for lunch with written permission from parent on file in the office.
    2. Students climb only equipment specifically made for climbing.
    3. Students may not throw rocks, food, grass, dirt, or other objects on the school grounds.
    4. Students are present in a classroom only when the teacher is present.
    5. Students use the lavatories as needed and return to play area or classroom.
    6. Students do not chew gum or eat in the classroom or on the playground.
    7. Students walk on paved walk ways and run on the field.
    8. Students should share games.
    9. Students play all games by official rules.
    10. Students may bring only marbles, jacks, and mitts.  Marbles should be played only in designated areas.
    11. Students walk up the front stairs to the roof when they enter the school grounds in the morning.
    12. No playing on school grounds after school.  Students are not to leave the supervised playground (no playing on the sides of the buildings, front of the school or lunch area).  Kindergarten playground is for kindergarten students ONLY, including restrooms.
    13. No wrestling, piggy backs, fighting, "playfighting" or karate.
    14. Students should promptly report problems to the person on duty.
    15. No skateboards on school grounds.  Students in grades 3, 4, and 5 may bring bicycles.  They are to be walked on school grounds.