• NEWS: 

    1. Home Group meeting (departments) on Monday, 5/16.

    Special Education Teachers please go to your content area, except for Mod-Sev. Please go to Smith's Room.

    Here is the link for the department home page. 

    Click here


    Group A (Organization...Leadership): ROOM 4-5


    Group B (Curriculum): ROOM 201


    Group C (Teaching and Learning): ROOM 107


    Group D (Assessment and Accountability): ROOM 4-9


    Group E (School Culture): ROOM 6-6


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  • Meeting Schedule  (upcoming and past)


    Monday 5/16/22 @2:20pm- HOME GROUP MEETING (department)

    • Share focus group results


    Monday 5/2/22 @2:20pm- FOCUS GROUP MEETING


    • Ice Breaker
    • Review survey results
    • Activity Chart


    Wednesday 4/27/22 (Period 3)

    • Focus Group Training for leads


    Monday 4/25/22 @2:20pm- FOCUS GROUP MEETING

    • Introductions
    • Survey
    • Focus Group Documents
    • Evidence