Safety Referral 2021-2022

    This referral is to be used for safety related concerns that cannot be teacher managed such as defiance that

    continues to disrupt learning,abusive language, continual misuse of cell phones, and not returning to class.

    Incidents that require immediate discipline office contact are outlined in the "cheat sheet" below. 


    Counselor/COST Referral 2021-2022

    This referral is to be used for all matters that are outlined below including academic, behavioral, and mental health concerns.

    All referrals will first be looked at by counseling and directed to the appropriate supports.

    The form asks if the urgency of the  matter is low, moderate or immediate, as well as steps that have already

    been taken to remediate the situation. 


    Students Absent during lunch (taking 2 lunches)

    This form is to be used to document students who take two lunches, or who do not return after lunch to class.

    We will use this form to identify trends and support getting students to class. 


    Common Questions Cheat Sheet