• The 4 Systems of Higher Education in California have been called the "Jewel" of the college systems. California offers a multi-tiered system of education in terms of affordability, variety of locations, and programs of study. Here are links to what California has to offer:  


    California Community Colleges - offers two year degree programs, certificate programs, dual enrollement programs, and programs for Transfer to the university. There are more than 100 campuses throughout the state. 

    California State University  - is the nation's largest 4-year public university system offering Bachelors, Masters, and advanced degree programs. There are 23 campuses to choose throughout the state. 

    University of California - is the world's leading public research university system with 10 campuses and 5 medical centers offering Bachelors. Masters, and advanced degree programs.

    Independent/Private Universities - is comprised of 85 independent, non-profit colleges & universities in the state of California. They offer Bachelors, Masters, and advanced degree programs.


    Here are some other sites to review colleges and univesities in and out of California:

    Cappex - a college match service.

    College Board Big Futures - students have access to over 3,500 colleges and universities nation-wide. They can save their searches to their College Board accounts for future access. Each student who has taken a Practice SAT (PSAT) has a free access to this account.

    College Green Light - explore colleges; highlights for first-generation students.

    Common Application - instant access to over 900 colleges and universities, providing a seamless way to manage multiple applications.

    California Colleges -  provides students with an all-inclusive guide for their college and career paths and enables counselor to track their progress. All SAUSD students have upgraded access to an account for this site.

    Princeton Review - explore colleges and universities and get access to a variety of college-search articles.   

    Explore Colleges with The Tiger Wood Foundation - a multi-facteed resource for college and career exploration.

    You Visit - explore over 600 colleges througout the United States.