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Copy and paste the questions below into Word.
Go to the websites to answer the following questions:

Website #1
1. What is the greek granulation of the word catapult?
2. What are three different types of catapults?
3. List two things catapults were used for

Website #2
4. When did the Greeks invent the catapult?
5. Who perfected the catapult?
6. List three things the armies would launch with the catapults:
7. The "Monster" catapult used missiles that weighed _______ pounds and could fire almost _____ yards

Website #3
8. What was the primary use for a catapult?

Website #4
9. Identify the three types of catapults shown below

Number 1 Number 2 Number 3


10. Draw and label the picture below on your paper

as of 8/11/05