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    Hi all! Interested in finding out a bit more? Well read on!
    I have been at Saddleback since spring semester 1982, when I started as a student teacher. My assignments that semester were American Issues, U.S. History, and Government. Since that time I have taught every regular course in the social studies department except psychology, and even a couple of semesters of freshman English! I also started my coaching career in 1982-83 with JV volleyball, JV basketball, and Varsity (Assistant coach) softball. Along the way I have also coached various field events in track.

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    In 1997 I took over the Advanced Placement European History course from Mr. White, who retired. In 2013 Saddleback started offering the APID program, so now we offer AP World instead of Euro. In 2018 I convinced the powers that be to have SHS offer AP Human Geography. My current academic assignments are Modern World History Honors for freshmen, AP Human Geography, and AP World for sophomores. My coaching now consists of assisting the Girls' Varsity and running the Boys' program as the Head Varsity Coach. As a matter of fact, I started the Boys' Volleyball program at Saddleback! In 1990 I was selected to be the Girls' Athletic Director, but stepped down from that position in 2012.My background for all this? Well, once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away....Nah, just kidding! (stay tuned, more will be added...or will it?)

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