• PLAS Committees

    Below are the goals and key questions of each committee. Each committee utilizes the following Proposal Template: proposal_template
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    Areas of Review:
    • Academic Support Structures
    • Consistent School Policies
    • Building Relationships
    • Student Engagement
    • School Organization
    • School Supports
    • Parent Involvement
    • School Environment
    • School Culture
    Key Questions:
    • How might we be able to alter the school day schedule to ensure all students are able to attend and learn?
    • What alternative formats for schooling might encourage students to attend and be engaged?
    • How might we improve respectful relationships between staff and students?
    • How can we improve relationships between leadership and staff?
    • How can we create classrooms that encourage student input and interaction?
    • What measures should we use to monitor school progress?
    • What instructional programs should be offered to address the needs of our students?
    • What does rigorous academic instruction look like?
    • How might we help students, staff, and the community personally see and feel the prblems students face?
    • What are the barriers to learning in school?
    • How can we increase parent involvement in the student's education?
    • How can we increase communication between the school and community?

    Improvement Cycle:

    image of the SHS improvement cycle
Last Modified on September 11, 2018