Draw a picture of the inside of your stomach and the food in it after a big meal
    If animals could draw, what would their artwork look like? Draw their artwork.
    Draw a necktie and design an interesting pattern on it.
    Draw a city on another planet.
    You are a toy designer; draw your new toy.
     Draw a logo for a t.v. show.
    Draw a picture of yourself the way you will look 20 years from now.
    Draw a scene from your early childhood.
    Draw a picture of where you would like to fly to.
    Draw a poster to advertise your favorite movie.
    Draw a construction site.
    Draw your view from an airplane window.
    Draw what you think a garden would look like from the view of an insect.
    Draw a sandcastle.
    Draw a house built underground.
    Draw a view under a magnifying glass (include the magnifying glass).
    Draw a picture of yourself if you grew flowers instead of hair.
    Draw an idea that came into your head by thinking of food.
    Draw an idea that came into your head through your ears.
    Draw an idea that came into your head through your fingers.
    Draw an idea that came into your head through your feet.
    Here is a list of artists, google one and try drawing/painting in the style of the artist...


    Alexander Calder

    Amadeo Modigliani

    Andrew Wyeth

    Andy Warhol

    Ansel Adams


    Chuck  Close

    Claude Monet

    David Hockney

    Diego Rivera

    Duane Hanson

    Edgar Degas

    Edouard Manet

    Edvard Munch

    Edward Hopper

    Egon Schiele

    Fernando Botero

    Frank Lloyd Wright

    Franz Marc

    Georgia O'Keeffe

    Gustav Klimt

    Guy Rose

    Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

    Henri Matisse

    Henri Rousseau

    Jackson Pollock

    Jacob Lawrence

    Jasper Johns

    Jean Arp

    Jean-Michel Basquiat

    Joan Miro

    John Singer Sargent

    Joseph Cornell


    Keith Haring

    Leonardo DaVinci

    Lucian Freud

    Marc Chagall

    Marcel Duchamp

    Mark Rothko

    Mary Cassatt

    Max Ernst

    Maxfield Parrish


    Paul Cezanne

    Paul Gauguin

    Paul Klee

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir

    Piet Mondrian


    Rene Magritte

    Robert Bateman

    Romare Bearden

    Roy Lichtenstein

    Salvador  Dali

    Sandro Botticelli

    Wassily Kandinsky


Last Modified on August 29, 2017