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    Prep-Period  4-10


    College Algebra 4-10 


     College Algebra 4-10 


    College Algebra   


     Algebra ll 4-10 


     Algebra ll                              4-10


    My name is Jose Vazquez Mathematics Educator at Valley High.


    My background includes teaching Mathematics (Teaching Credential) (15 Years). A broad based on architectural technical and managerial focus in all aspects of computing and communication environments (Data / Voice/ Video) and extensive experience in centralization, integration, design, implementation, contract renegotiating, start-up operations, facility expansion, relocation, disaster recovery and new technologies in the spectrum of computing and telecommunications.


    My experience has been as a Technical Senior Manager Engineer with extensive experience in mathematics, computer science, English/Spanish teacher, international technology in communications, computing, strategic planning for International Organizations. Skilled communicator able to eliminate cultural barriers and adapt to business protocols within global environments. I am an analytical thinker skilled in solving numerous problems, by identifying source and charting logical course of action. Managed USA, Canada, Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland), Australia, Latin America (Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina), and Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore) and contributed by directing and designing computing and communications strategic direction for Intercontinental Corporations with an annual budget of 35 million dollars and saving 2 to 3 million dollars by implementing new technologies.


    My formal educational background is BA in Mathematics and Foreing Languages, MA in Education single subject in Mathematics, and working towards a second MS in computing and communications (36 units completed). My passion is mathematics and I have been blessed to have been guided by exceptional parents and teachers throughout my life. Now is my time to teach some of my wisdom to all students that are eager to learn and those that are not to make mathematics fun and part of their lives. To motivate all students a teacher must be empowered with the curriculum, must maintain equanimity in the successes and failures, and must be eclectic in the teachings of Mathematics.




    Mr. Jose Martin Vazquez

    Mathematics Educator



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    Los Angeles California 

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    Cal. State at Long Beach 

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     New Media

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    Student Success