Books you need to read this year

  • Memory Made Easy

    by Graham Best Year Published: 1980 Paperback
    The arthur, Graham Best, has developed a unique technique to make memorizing possible for almost every person.
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  • The Evelyn Wood 7-Day SpeedReading & Learning Program

    by Stanley D. Frank, Ed.D Year Published: 1990 Paperback
    Speed Reading, And More.  The Famous Evelyn Wood Speed Reading and Learning Program at your fingertips.
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  • Word Power

    by Readers Digest Year Published: 1983 Paperback
    This delightful collection of articles, puzzles, tests, and stories for the entire family is the fun and fascinating way to enrich and enlarge your mastery of the art of language!
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  • "One man has enthusiasm for 30 minutes,

    another for 30 days,

    but it is the man who has it for 30 years

    who makes a success of his life."

    Edward B Butler, American Scientist

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