• The Saddleback Library has many resources available, such as a large collection of books for academic study/research, class-level reading, foreign language support, test prep, and leisure. There is a computer lab, with computers, and printing is available. Textbooks and workbooks for in-library use, school supplies and materials, and help can be found at the Maker Space. All of this and table space for homework, reading, group projects, and more! 

    The library is a cool place to hang out, but while you are in the library, there are a few simple rules to follow. They help keep the space clean, keep resources in good condition, and help staff promote a safe space for all students.

    • No food or drinks, including gum, in the library. Water is fine, and the rest can be left at the front counter until you leave.

    • Please do not move furniture.

    • Keep the language clean. We want to keep the library a safe space, so please be aware of your language.

    • It's okay to listen to music, but please use headphones so you do not distract other students.