Course:   Honors Biology                                 Semester: Fall/Spring 



    Email: randall.perez@sausdlearns.net        Teacher:  Mr. Perez     Classroom:  401


    Conference Period: 3                                    School Telephone: 714- 569-6300  ext: 63469


    Course Description:

    Biology emphasizes five major topics: cells, ecology, genetics, evolution, and human physiology as covered in the Next Generation Science Standards.  Experimental procedures, cells, and ecology are covered in the first semester.  Genetics, evolution, human physiology, and HIV/STI instruction are taught in the second semester.  Diverse learning activities are used in the classroom in order to develop a variety of skills.  This course serves as a prerequisite for AP/IB Biology.


    Class Materials:  All students need a folder/binder for their Biology work.  All students need college -ruled paper, pencils, and pens.  Other materials that can help the student be a successful and independent learner include: scissors, glue stick, ruler, eraser, colored pencils, highlighters, note cards, and post-it notes.


    Evaluation & Grading: 

    Grades will be determined by the total amount of points earned.  You may earn points in a variety of manners including completed homework, class work, projects, lab activities, lab reports, tests and quizzes. There may be opportunities for extra credit; but it is not designed to take the place of regular assignments.


    Grades will be calculated as a percentage of the total points possible and your grade assigned as follows.

    90 - 100 %                  A

    80 - 89   %                  B

    70 - 79   %                  C

    60 - 69   %                  D

    59 % or less                F


    Grading Categories:

    Labs/Projects – 30%

    Class work/Quizzes/Homework – 20%

    Tests – 30%

    Finals/District Tests – 20%



    Academic Honesty:  Students at Saddleback HS are expected to conform to the highest of ethical standards. Cheating or any behavior that appears to be helping during a test will not be tolerated.  Plagiarism will cause an assignment to automatically receive a zero.


    Homework Policy:  Attendance at all class meetings is essential to the success of the student.  Homework is due on the assigned date.  Homework missed while absent for an excused reason will be accepted when the student returns to school.  Any quizzes or tests missed must be made up as soon as possible (usually the day that the student returns and can be arranged with the teacher.  Assignments missed for unexcused absences will not be given.  Labs may or may not be made up, alternative assignments may be arranged when make-ups are not possible.

    Laboratory Safety:  Students will be informed of all safety procedures.  Failure to comply will result in loss of lab privileges.  A lower grade may result from loss of lab privileges. If misbehavior occurs during lab you will be warned once and if the behavior continues you will be removed from the activity.  If your behavior endangers you or others or is deliberately insubordinate you will be referred directly to the assistant principal’s office.


    Class Rules

    1. When the tardy bell rings, be in your assigned seat, quiet, and ready to


    2. Be prepared with a pencil or pen, paper, and chromebook in class


    3. Take care of restroom needs during the passing time.

    4.  Usage of cell phones and electronic devices is not allowed in classroom,

         unless instructed to use in the classroom.

    5.  Eating, chewing gum, or drinking is not allowed during class time.

    6.  Always cooperate and respect the right of others.

    7.  Follow the teacher’s directions at all times.


    Progressive Discipline Procedures

    1st Violation:  Verbal Warning (Redirect)

    2nd Violation: Teacher Conference and/or Seat Change

    3rd Violation: Phone Call Home

    4th Violation: Office Referral and Parent Conference


    Classroom Websites

    You may access the following classroom websites at the following addresses:     





    You may use these websites to get the weekly schedule, syllabus, powerpoints, lab directions, handouts, assignments, and additional science websites.



    Tutoring: I will be available for additional help outside of class by appointment.















    Parent/Student acknowledgement:


    I have read and understand the contents of this document and agree to abide by the terms of the course as described by the teacher, Mr. Perez.



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    Student Signature________________________________________Date____________



    As a parent, I have discussed all of the issues carefully with my son/daughter and understand the classroom expectations. I expect to be notified if my son/daughter is not in compliance.




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