• Hello, 

     I'm Ms.Gudino and I currently teach Math 7 Honors (Pre-algebra), Math 7 Accelerated Honors (Algebra), and Math 8 Accelerated Honors(Geometry). I graduated from CSUF with a Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics, Minor in Spanish and Single Subject teaching Credential in Mathematics. In September 2021 I joined the MacArthur Fundamental staff and since then I have been greeted with support from the wonderful teachers, admin, and support staff. MacArthur students have touched my heart and the support from the staff is amaizing. I cannot imagine working for another school or group of adorable students.

    Something interesting about me is that up until high school I was a spanish singer (soloist, performer) for different events (fairs, churches, parades, etc)  in LA and Orange county.  Someone adorable in my life, is my 2yr old son named Adam who transforms into a dinosaur.

    I love Mathematics and I had a deep appreciation for the subject at an early age. I hope to share my love and knowledge of mathematics with your child and inspire them to look at mathematics through a positive lens.I hope your child is challenged in my class and develops their math ability to their full potential. If you would like to contact me please email me at raquel.gudino@sausdlearns.net