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    Meeting the needs of the students I serve:

         Am I Highly Qualified to be in a classroom with students as required by the state?

         When I decided to become a teacher I had several years and degrees of experience behind me. I had earned my Associate of Arts degree which is a 2 year degree stating that I fulfilled my lower division classes at Los Angeles Pierce College in Woodland Hills. I continued my higher education at California State University, Hayward (which is now Cal State East Bay) and earned my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration.
         To become qualified to get my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential I attended the program at United States International University in Irvine. I received my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with a Cross-cultural Language & Academic Development Clear Credential. I continued going to U.S.I.U and earned my Masters of Arts in Education. I have completed my Preliminary Administrative Certificate through Allient University, but did not apply to receive my certification through the Orange County Department of Education as I was not ready to pursue this path in my career.
         I began as a teacher here at Kennedy in August of 1999 as was assigned to teach 5th Grade. I asked to be put in the Beginning Teachers Support Assessment and I had Ms. Ledger (then Ms. Hickey) as my Master Teacher.
         I have been a Master Teacher for C.S.U.F., U.C.I., and other universities for Student Teachers needing in-class experience.
         Over my years here with the Santa Ana Unified School District (S.A.U.S.D.) I have participated in many professional development opportunities.

    Professional Development:People at a conference table

    Saxon Math - Adopted Mathematics Program
    Open Court Phase I Training - Adopted Language Arts Program
    Open Court Phase II Training
    Focus Approach - English Language Development (S.A.U.S.D.)
    Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD)
    Reading Intervention - Read 180 Program
    Reading Intervention - High Point Program
    Train the Trainers in Math - O.C.E.D.
    Beckman Science - Trained in all Kits 4th & 5th Grade
    U.C.I. Focus - Math and Science Training
    Students Unlocking Math Successfully (SUMS)
    Science Series - O.C.D.E.
    Certification in Technology Applied Performance (C.T.A.P.)
    Technology Integration in the Classroom - O.C.D.E.
    Peer Assistance Leadership System (PALS) - O.C.D.E.
    Project Wet - U.S. Department of Interior
    Strategic Schools
    Learning English Through Science (LETS) - U.C.I
    Science & English Taught According to Students (SETAS)
    Math Matters - C.S.U.F.
    Harcourt Brace - Adopted Mathematics Program
    Inside the Outdoors - O.C.D.E.
    National Community Crisis Response Team - National Organization for Victim Assistance
    Healthy Kids - O.C.D.E.
    Fast Track (Reading Program) - S.A.U.S.D.
    Future of Science Conference - U.C.I.
    Systematic Instruction of Phonics, Phonemes, and Sight Words (S.I.P.P.S.) - S.A.U.S.D.
    Algebra 4 All - S.A.U.S.D.
    Operation Sense {Math Strand} - S.A.U.S.D.
    More Operation Sense {Math Strand} - S.A.U.S.D.
    Leadership Training : Planning & Implementation - U.C.I.
    SMART Board Training - S.A.U.S.D.
    IPod Trainer of Trainers - S.A.U.S.D.
    Results for English Learners - U.C.I. & S.A.U.S.D. 
    SMART Board Trainer - S.A.U.S.D.
    IPAD Trainer - S.A.U.S.D.
    Results for English Language Learners
    Rewards & Peer Assisted Learning - S.A.U.S.D.
    Math Concepts; Common Core - Irvine Math Project
    Deepening Mathematical Understanding - Silicon Valley Math Project
    Scope & Sequence - SAUSD
    Chromebook 'Class Act' - SAUSD I.T. Dept.
    Collaborative Conversations supported by Google Docs - SAUSD
    Making Meaning through Writing
    Securing the Human (Digital Security) - S.A.U.S.D.
    Digital Literacy - S.A.U.S.D.
    Canvas (Southern California Users Conference) - S.A.U.S.D.
    SPHERO (Coding & Programming) - S.A.U.S.D.
    Foster Science Project - S.A.U.S.D. / C.S.U.F. / Orange County Science (1 year Program)
     District Math Curriculum selection Committee

    C.P.R. Current Certification - American Red Cross
    First Aid Certification - American Red Cross

         O.C. D. E. - Orange County Department of Education
         U.C.I. - University of California, Irvine
         C.S.U.F. - California State University, Fullerton
         S.A.U.S.D. - Santa Ana Unified School District  
         I stay very active at our school serving on many teams or committees such as
    Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (2012-2014)
    Doctors of Tomorrow Program (No longer offered) 
    Instructional Leadership Team (2005-present)
    Grade Level Chair (2002-2012)
    Math Field Day Teacher (2000-2013)
    School Site Council (2008-2012)
    Curriculum & Instruction (2010-2014)
    G.A.T.E. Site Coordinator (2008-2015)
    W.I.N. Saturday Program - Lead Teacher (2016-present)
    Special Events
       I am the Site Coordinator for the After School Program - Engage 360. I have designed, implemented, and managed two Saturday Programs over the last several years. We also have offer a Summer Program to keep our students engaged during their non-school time.
    I also have had the pleasure to sit on the Interview Panel for the hiring of an Assistant Principal and a Principal for several Elementary Schools, as well as teachers for our school.
         To assist other future teachers I have worked closely with five student teachers from various Universities as a Master Teacher.

    Am I High Qualified? The State of California Department of Education says I am, but I leave that question up to you.