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    UCI helped design the Anteater Academy by selecting which classes students should take to have the best chance of being competitive college applicants.  They also advised on which types of extra curricular activities students should be involved in. A lot of what the Anteater Academy requires of our students is based on the information we have learned through working with UCI

    UCI provides Valley HS with an additional college support staff (EAOP student coordinator Alejandra Arcos).  Alejandra is a former Valley HS and Carr Intermediate alumni that works with students and families to help them better understand the college process.


    She provides assistance with:

    • College Applications
    • Major Selection
    • Personal Statements
    • Financial Aid
    • Scholarships
    • DREAM Act
    • DACA
    • Extra Curricular Activities
    • Community Service
    • Class registration
    • Resume writing
    • Getting involved in HS


    UCI and Valley’s partnership is one of the reasons that has made the Anteater Academy so successful.  This type of collaboration and insight may not be available at other high schools or programs, and is one reason why you should consider the Anteater Academy as a great option!