• What Makes Music Danceable with DJ BChang - This video is to share to students and teach them the variances in musicality, to understand how music works to motivate us to dance. The DJ explains the differences in beat, rhythm, and predictability in music. He analyzes the bases of each, and shows the learner what makes music catchy and danceable! Enjoy this piece and learn the difference.

    Hip Hop with Miss Lala - This is a hip hop choreography video by Miss Lala. Students will learn hip hop dance moves and do a dance at the end of the video. 

    Hip Hop with Coach Jay - Learn some fun hip hop dance moves to the newest song from JB called Intentions.


    Why are Dance Floors usually Dark? with DJ BChang - This video is informative on DJ music and the effects of lights mixed together.

    TikTok Dance Tutorial with Mr. Felix - A Hip Hop dance made fun and simple through TikTok.

    TikTok Dance Tutorial with Mr Felix - Fresh new Tik Tok dance famous tutorial

    Dance Fitness Hip Hop Workout with Miss Lala - Dance away to this fun filled Hip Hop workout video.  

    Tik Tok Dance Tutorial with Mr. Marco - Healthy and happy messages; how to video record your dances on Tik Tok. 

    Tik Tok Dance Choreography with a twist with Miss Lala - Dance away the calories and tension in this fun filled Hip Hop workout!

    Meditation and Stretch Workshop with Miss Lala - Rest, relax and stretch!

    DJ Headphones Equipment Essentials with DJ BChang - Why do DJs use headphones? Learn more about DJing in this video.

    Records with DJ BChang - DJ Records and the history behind it! Why are records so important in djing and how did everything turn digital.  Learn the history of records, djing and current digital trends.

    Footwork and top rocking with Mr. Jason - Learn bboy and bgirl footwork and top rocks in this choreographed dance to Hey Mr. Dj!  Mr. Jason will breakdown the choreography and dance routine with elements of break dance steps.

    Warm-up and Jazz with Mr. Anthony - Stretching and conditioning for dance with Mr. Anthony and his twin brother. 

    DIY Disinfectant with Miss Lala - Here's a fun video with Ms. Lala teaching how to use a safe disinfectant to keep surfaces clean.  This safety message comes with love and care to all our SAUSD students.

    Stretching and Conditioning with Mr. Anthony - Stretching and Conditioning for Dance with Mr. Anthony and his twin brother.  


    Records with DJ BChang Part 2 - DJ records what are RPMs and speed when mixing music? Find out in this informative video about records and DJing. 

    Dance and Follow along with Mr. Anthony - Dance warm up and follow along balance challenges with Mr. Anthony. 

    Hip Hop with Miss Diana - Learn Hip Hop dance choreography with Miss Diana. 

    Dance and Follow along with Mr. Anthony - Hip Hop dance with Mr. Anthony featuring the world’s shortest warm up. 


    How to do Tutting hin Hip Hop Dance with Miss Kayla -  Take a seat and get your arms and hands ready!

    Hip Hop with Mr. Anthony - Part 1

    Hip Hop with Mr. Anthony - Part 2

    Hip Hop Dance and Floor work with Mr. Anthony- Part 3

  • Kinder Yoga with Mr Felix - Stretch Warm Up

    Meditation time with Mr Felix - Breathe relax and enjoy this meditation session

     Kinder Yoga with Mr Felix - Part 2