• Ms. Hendon's Assignments During School Closure (for 3/16 to 4/3)

    Location of Assignments: Google Classroom; CPM Textbook; CPM online

    Daily assignments posted on Google Classroom; From the Glossary copy the term and definition for the following: Coefficient, combine like terms, evaluate an expression, exponent, expressions, like terms, order of operations, substitute, and variable.

    Problems to complete are all from "Checkpoint" p. 495 in textbook; it is under the "References" tab of the ebook. For each checkpoint assigned, copy one example, copy the problem, and show all work.

    Checkpoint 2, problems 1 - 10.

    From the Glossary, copy the term and definition for: Distributive Property, equation, equivalent, Identity Property of Addition, Identity Property of Multiplication, solve, and solution.

    Checkpoint 5, problems 1 - 10.

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