Virtual Tutoring

  • There is tutor help available for every subject. If a tutor is not able to tutor you in a subject, they will refer you to someone who can. 

    Please feel free to contact the tutors to schedule your virtual tutoring session! Below are their emails.

    Tutor's Corner

    Monday - Saturday


    Class code

    Marlyn Matus 

    Eliasar Molina 

    Juliana Gonzalez 

    Melissa Nava 

    Melissa Zelaya 

    Maria Quintanilla 

    Tsui Vasquez 

    Ivan Lomeli  

    Jannely Pineda 

    Valeria Sanchez 

    Isabelle Esparza 

    Below are tutor subject specialties, note that social studies includes history, psychology, etc: 

    • Melissa Zelaya: Up to Algebra II, English up to AP English Language, Any Science
    • Melissa Nava: Up to Algebra II, Spanish, Non-AP English
    • Juli Gonzalez: All math levels, Any Science, Simon Scholarship
    • Marlyn Matus: All math levels, Any Spanish, Any Science, CollegeSpring
    • Tsui Vasquez: Up to math analysis, Spanish, Leadership Conferences
    • Eliasar Molina: Up to Algebra II, Spanish, Any English, Any Social Studies, Any Science, Simon Scholarship 
    • Ivan Lomeli: All math levels, Spanish and French, Any Science, Any English, Any Social Studies
    • Jannely Pineda: All math levels, Any English, Any Science, Any Social Studies
    • Maria Quintanilla: Up to Algebra II, Any English, AP Psychology 
    • Valeria Sanchez: All math levels, Spanish 
    • Isabelle Esparza: Up to Math Analysis, Beginner's Spanish, Any Science




Last Modified on September 17, 2020