Classroom Policies

  • Unit Tests, Exit Tickets, and Quizzes must be completed by the end of class OR continued with a pass for the next period. Students who are absent must make arrangements with the teacher to take their test within 2-3 days after the test date. The lowest quiz score each semester will be dropped and there are NO retakes on quizzes.


    Projects will be assigned within each semester and a rubric will be provided on what will be graded. There will be times where I will allow you to work on your projects during class. However, it will be your responsibility to finish your work in a timely manner.


    Class Notes will be checked daily. Students are encouraged to help each other review classwork problems, grasp new concepts, and clarify any confusion. Group seating arrangements, assessments, and activities will be incorporated to emphasize the importance of shared learning.

    • All class notes will be recorded using a stamp sheet and can be corrected to receive one of the following scores:
      • 4: the notes are completed, work is thoroughly shown, every problem is attempted
      • 3: a few problems are missing or lacking work shown on a few problems
      • 2: at least 50% is completed
      • 1: less than 50% is completed, little or no work was shown (even if answers are present)


    All students should write their upcoming quizzes & tests on their agenda. Students and parents will also receive information on assignments and assessments through Parent Square and ClassDojo.


    Participation is expected from ALL students and will be kept track using ClassDojo. Your parents will also be invited to join ClassDojo to monitor their students’ behavior and performance.


    Learning Logs will be given out throughout the course. Sometimes it will be a short sentence, sometimes it will be a paragraph, and sometimes it will be a complete essay. A rubric may be provided to help you know what you will be graded on. This is considered ESSENTIAL material and MUST be completed.


    Extra credit will only be offered in the form of enrichment on tests or Delta Math. A student can receive 5 points for each assignment they complete on Delta Math. No other source of extra credit will be offered throughout the course.


    Attendance Policy: Regular and prompt class attendance is an essential part of the educational experience. Saddleback High School expects students to exercise good judgment regarding attendance and absences. Students will accept full responsibility for ensuring their work does not suffer because of absences. If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to come after school to catch up on missed work from your absences. I will NOT re-teach the lesson during class time. Every Monday, I will send an email out to the whole class informing them of the homework assignments and/or upcoming tests or quizzes.


    Plagiarism, Cheating, and Academic Integrity: Plagiarism is the practice of copying words, sentences, images, or ideas for use in written or oral assessments without giving proper credit to the source. Cheating is defined as the giving or receiving of illegal help on anything that has been determined by the teacher to be an individual effort. Both are considered serious offenses and will significantly affect your course grade. If you are caught cheating on a test or quiz, you will receive a zero. You will be allowed to have a retake on a test or quiz after completing the following criteria:

    • 1-Hour Detention
    • Letter of Apology to all parties involved
    • Letter to your parents explaining what you did
    • Letter to your case manager stating what you did, and
    • 1-Hour of Tutoring


    Progress Reports: Progress reports may be sent home at any time, especially when there is a concern about a student’s progress, a student’s work is failing, or when there has been exceptional progress.


    Parent Conferences: Parents are encouraged to make appointments for conferences with teachers at any time during the school year. Teachers may occasionally wish to speak with parents by telephone or in-person, especially when circumstances require discussion or clarification. Students on Academic Probation are required to attend conferences with their parents.