• Daily Schedule

  • Daily Schedule

    8-8:30   Breakfast/Daily Living Skills & Self Help Skills

    8:30-9   Journal Writing, Community Safety Signs, Individual IEP Objectives

    9-9:15   Transition to General Education PE

    9:15-10:15  PE

    10:15-10:30  Restroom Break/Self Help Skills

    10:30-11:30  Language Arts & English Language Development

    11:30-11:50  Free Choice Activities/Social Skills

    11:50-12:00  Lunch Preparation

    12-1:15    Lunch, Self Help Skills & Social Skills

    1:15-2:00 Math (money skills, time skills, counting, number recognition, adding/subtracting)

    2:00-2:15 Restroom Break & Daily Calendar

    2:15-2:45  Vocational Skills and/or Cooking Skills

    2:45-2:55  Review Day, Dismissal to Bus

     Students' schedules are based on their individual needs and abilities. Some students attend daily Art & Drawing class and Choir class. All students attend General Education PE class with the support of their General Education Peer Buddies.